Dusk Ogre

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Dusk Ogre
Relative Level 55-60
Skill Cap 60 to 75
Skinnable No
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Evil No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Backstabbable Back Stab
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks No
Special Defenses Unknown
Manipulatable Yes
Skill Required Unknown / Unknown
Teaching Cap Unknown


Slightly smaller than a troll, this dusk ogre looks like it has been covered in a skin of hardened lava. Its face is a twisted mask of hatred, its eyes large and glowing red as hot coals. Its hands flex open, flex closed slowly, continuously, as though fed by the memory of some fond dismemberment.

In Depth

  • With 73 ranks in Light Edged, able to kill them easily, but learning state did not move from clear.
  • Soft cap appears to be 65 ranks (4/14/2015)
  • It stops teaching hiding at about 80 ranks.


Some rooms are filled with roots that will catch you and put you in roundtime, up to 30 seconds. Escaping skill will reduce the roundtime by 1 second for each rank of escaping. 30 ranks in escaping is enough to avoid them completely.


  • Boxes require about 40 ranks of Lockpicking & Disarm

North of Passage:

South of Passage:

  • It is wearing a studded leather coat.
  • It is carrying an oval shield, a cudgel.