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Druvaroh Kanagrath
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Male
Guild Necromancer
Instance Prime


You are Warlock Druvaroh Kanagrath, Predator, a Prydaen.

You have an oval face, a simple bone earcuff carved into spirals accenting one of the ears, some rounded icesteel-framed spectacles with blue tinted lenses that accents white-striated luminous cat-slitted electric blue eyes and a classical nose. Your silver-streaked jet black mane is just past the shoulders and artfully layered to accent the highlighting, and is worn twisted into an elegant infinity knot caught by a slim glitvire hairstick carved to resemble a branch of flowering belladonna. You have black fur with silver points and silver markings, a slender tail and a thin build. You are a bit over average height for a Prydaen. You are a moth-stalker. Your right wrist has a tattoo of a trefoil knot formed from a single, solid black line.

You are wearing a dark sarrak with silver stitching, some supple leather footwraps, an olive-green oilcloth alchemist's haversack with a black iron clasp, a deeply cowled indigo spidersilk longcoat trimmed with cobalt aniline leather, a solid birchwood raaho inset with a faiyka, a bourde alchemist's belt badly stained with black dye and a carved burlwood sheath draped with shimmering firesilk ties.