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First Email: 3/4/19

Duskruin: Bank Heist!
Beginning Friday, March 15th at 9pm ET

For years, thieves and bandits have pondered the scope of the fortune stored deep within the Duskruin Vault. Rumored mountains of gold have spread their way through Elanthia, but no adventurer has ever actually laid eyes on such treasures...

...Until now.

The Duskruin Vault has been compromised! Will you join the Ringleaders in their plan to rob the riches stored deep within the vault? Or will you team up with the Investors to help protect their venture (for a price of course). Or perhaps you prefer a more surreptitious approach, utilizing the surrounding chaos to purloin your treasure undetected.

However you play, you're not going to want to miss this.

Join us on March 15th and discover what artifacts have been hidden away!

Second Email: 3/12/19

Who Will You Side With?
Duskruin: The Bank Heist Begins This Friday, March 15th at 9pm ET

Utterings of a plan to break into The Duskruin Vault have spread across Elanthia. What began as simple whispers among bandits has grown into a legitimate conspiracy. For the first time ever, the priceless artifacts stored within the massive concrete walls of the vault are in jeopardy.

There’s opportunity abound, and three different groups have emerged with three very different motives.

The Unscrupulous Ringleaders, who desire to steal the treasures stored within the Vault.
The Charismatic Investors, who serve as hired guards seeking to guard the priceless artifacts.
The Perfidious Renegades, who simply hope to incite chaos between the Investors and the Ringleaders in order to prosper in the surrounding madness.

In the northeast corner of Duskruin, inside the bank, you will find representatives from three different factions. Hold a token and go to the faction of your choice to start the heist!

Depending on how you align yourself, your Bank Heist experience will be very different. You’ll have a limited amount of time to traverse rooms, solve puzzles, and stand up to whatever enemies may stand in your way. Those who successfully complete the heist will be rewarded handsomely.

Stay tuned for more details on opening day!

Which path will YOU choose?