Dragon Lilies

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Dragon Lilies
Event Rarely available
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Dragon Lilies, Front Room]
This large caravan has sturdy rosewood walls and windows covered in swaths of turquoise silk and pale gauze. One of the walls bears staggered pegs holding merchandise and decorative ornaments. The smooth wooden floor is lightly covered with rugs of snowbeast and lambs wool. You also see a silverwillow wardrobe and a narrow counter covered with a swath of pale gold gossamer with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, out.

On the wood pegs
Item Price Done
birthday cake pinata topped with a red paper rose 3,750   No
white egg pinata with a small golden crack 3,750   No
jade green dragon pinata with fiery golden eyes 3,750   
black-maned horse pinata with silver hooves 3,750   No
star-shaped sapphire pinata dangling with multicolored ribbons 3,750   
In the silverwillow wardrobe
Item Price Done
sleeveless gown of shimmering pale gold gossamer with a plunging neckline 68,750   No
softly flowing gown of rich ebony spidersilk with a tightly laced leather bodice 75,000   No
dark amber gown of fine silk laced at the hips with golden ribbons 65,000   
off-the-shoulder gown of cerulean velvet trimmed in snow white ermine 62,500   No
turquoise knit dress accented with beaded fringe 12,500   !!
On the narrow counter
Item Price Done
thin strand of platinum interwoven with a strip of nightsilk 43,750   
braided necklace of platinum and gold 62,500   
gold pinky ring adorned with a diamond butterfly 56,250   
trio of engraved onyx bands 8,375   
pair of sterling silver earrings shaped like wild orchids 31,250   
tiny gold nugget earrings 31,250   

[Dragon Lilies, Back Room]
Silks and gossamer cover these caravan walls, though only simple treasures are displayed. Two mannequins stand clothed in silk and other fine fabrics, while a crystal shelf bears a pair of boots and some slippers. You also see a brass hook with a cloak on it and a thick fur rug.
Obvious exits: south.

On the sturdy mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of pants 875   No
belt 1,250   No
silk shirt 6,250   No
On the lithe mannequin
Item Price Done
silk gown 12,500   No
On the crystal shelf
Item Price Done
slippers 2,250   No
pair of boots 1,250   No
On the brass hook
Item Price Done
cloak 2,500   No