Disenchantments (1)

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Event Hollow Eve Festival 392
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Miscellaneous shops, Weapon shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Disenchantments, Sales Floor]
Draped in dusty black silk, the wagon has a very gloomy feel. A large tub of viscous gloop is pushed up against one wall with a bold plaque above it. On the opposite wall hangs a battered board set with what was once a drawing of a young man, now slashed to pieces with several pointy implements protruding from it -- a memorial to love lost. You also see a black door, a smooth shelf with some stuff on it, a cracked table with some stuff on it, a padded bench with some stuff on it and a small box.

A large bold plaque reads:
"Throw your pains in the tub and watch them dissolve.  Flowers, cards, invitations.  
Only once they are destroyed can your heart truly mend."
On the smooth shelf
Item Price Done
A note reads:
"On these shelves lie remedies for broken hearts. Though they do not mend broken hearts, they can ease the pain."
rich double brownie fudge sundae 20   !!
On the cracked table
Item Price Done
slender throwing dagger with a deep red heart-shaped pommel 2,255   
black velvet choker with a deep red crystal heart pendant 1,353   !!
blood-red heart pin split by a jagged crevice 1,082   No
angular steel heart pin 631   No
black linen mourning band stitched with a blood-red heart 360   No
scarlet mourning band stitched with a simple skull 360   No
black steel signet ring set with a cracked red crystal heart 902   !!
sapphire nose stud carved in the shape of a teardrop 9,148   No
On the padded bench
Item Price Done
blushing bride doll 451   !!
formal groom doll 451   !!
googly-eyed man doll 451   No
googly-eyed woman doll 451   !!
In the small box
Item Price Done
black silk handkerchief embroidered with a scarlet rose 902   No
sunny yellow handkerchief 225   No
deep scarlet handkerchief edged with silvery skulls 902   No
stained silk handkerchief 360   No
tattered linen handkerchief 135   No