Dirty Shack

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A Dirty Shack
Event Guildfest 423
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[A Dirty Shack, Tattoos]
A broken window periodically slams against the wall of the decrepit hut, which looks like it was firmly abandoned until very recently. Shining light down into the center of the one-room house is a dim and smudged gaethzen orb, which dangles from a chain. Pinned up haphazardly on the walls, several stained sheets depicting tattoo artwork showcase symbols on otherwise plain paper. You also see a salt-stained bench, a posted catalog and a decrepit door.
Obvious exits: none.

We're willing to put our art on your:
  • 1) shoulder
  • 3) cheekbone
  • 5) left wrist
  • 7) abdomen
  • 9) chin
  • 11) right cheekbone
  • 13) left ankle
  • 15) left temple
  • 17) left hip
  • 19) left palm
  • 21) right shin
  • 23) right knee
  • 2) forehead
  • 4) thigh
  • 6) right wrist
  • 8) forearm
  • 10) left cheekbone
  • 12) calf
  • 14) right ankle
  • 16) right temple
  • 18) right hip
  • 20) right palm
  • 22) left shin
  • 24) left knee
Check the MENU for art you enjoy. Then CHOOSE the
location for your art after ORDERing your tattoo.
CHOOSE REMOVE for tattoo removal.

MENU lists the available images. ORDER to select your image.
Item Price Done
a triple-tined claw 100,000   
a purple circle encased in a sideways diamond with a vertical line down the center 100,000   
an anvil within the mouth of a skull 100,000   
a crimson eye surrounded by a black sphere 100,000   
a sanguine circle slashed with three ashen lines 100,000   
a sewn-shut mouth with a multitude of slender tongues pushing through the stitches 100,000   
a knot of intricately tied flesh and sinew 100,000   
a bloodshot eye bearing teeth where the lashes should be 100,000   
a pallid wisp of smoke superimposed upon a black triangle 100,000   
a stylized eyeless face frozen in mid-scream 100,000   
a stylized symbol of a slashed double hex enclosed within a circle 100,000   
a tiny grey mouse standing atop a pile of clean white bones 100,000   
Tattoo services cost 100000 Lirums. Removal costs 10000 Lirums.
No refunds. Not responsible for accidents.