Diana's Tale

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The story of how Diana Cumpstook, an Elven cleric came to worship her gods- Hav'roth and Meraud.

It started in her childhood. Diana was found by the empath Elizzabeth Le'Poupre, who was also mother to the warrior mage ElizziBiana DrikWalla. Apparently, Diana had wandered away from her home in the forest to the village that Elizzabeth lived in. No one else would take the child in due to prejudice against her Elven heritage, and the village was comprised of S'kra Murs and Gor'Togs.

Elizza raised both Diana and Eliz as her own, and they honored Hav'roth who was the patron of the S'kra Race. Diana never knew she was different from her loving family other than she had no tail, the family had no mirrors and they never treated her differently. Since Diana was about 5 years younger than Eliz, she did not understand at the time why Eliz was exiled from the village. All that she knew was that she missed her sister dearly and her mother was always so sad after Eliz left.

Elizza raised Diana in the ways of the empath, since Diana seemed to have a knack for it that Eliz never did. One day Diana was out gathering some herbs for her mother when she stumbled across a very hurt young wolf. Diana was afraid of the wolf, but she felt so sorry for it. It slowly dragged itself towards her, whimpering from the pain of the arrow lodged deeply in its right shoulder. Diana overcame her fear and slowly walked to the young wolf. It collapsed at her feet, and allowed her to tend to it.

As Diana removed the arrow from it shoulder, the wolf turned deep knowing eyes upon her. As she tended its wounds, the wolfling seemed to grow stronger till it was able to slowly back away from her. As Diana tried getting closer the wolf backed away until it was far enough from her that she could not close the gap quickly. Diana realized the wolfling did not want her close to it; so she stopped and watched. As she watched, it seemed to shift shape till it became a tall dark Human which had bandages wrapped around its right shoulder. Diana knew this was no ordinary being but was actually an Immortal, and she was not afraid nor shrank back when the being approached her.

The being stopped about a pace away from her and spoke softly. "Diana Cumpstook, you have a kindness within you, and while being a empath is a admirable job it is not what your life is meant to be spent as. You have within you a good gift, a gift better spent lifting others than taking their wounded bodies upon your own. I am known as Meraud amongst your people, which I see you have already figured out, for while your understanding of the Immortals is scarce you understand more than your years belie."

He reached out and gently touched her forehead, then quickly he was gone but his mark remained upon her. She felt a whisper in the wind that told her she should seek the lands her sister Eliz had fled too, and to find her future in those lands.

Diana grabbed her forgotten foraging bag and quickly headed back to her mothers' home, where she told her what had happened. Elizza scoffed and said that the heat had gotten to Diana, until Diana pulled her hair back to show Elizza the small wolf shaped scar upon her hairline. Elizza slowly sighed as she realized that she was losing another daughter, but knew within her heart that it was meant to be.

As Elizza helped Diana pack she told her all that she could of the family history since Elizza had never had the chance to pass it on to Eliz before she was banned. Elizza wanted to make sure even though Diana was not an S'kra, she was still a big part of the Le'Poupre lineage, and always would be a part of the family. And that Elizza was very proud of her.

Diana left after a very tearful goodbye and headed in the direction that Eliz was known to have taken those many years before, and she wandered many days never quite knowing if she was heading in the right direction or not. Till finally one day she stumbled across a severely hurt adventurer, and as Diana tried to tend to his wounds he died from vitality loss on her. Diana wailed for she did not know what to do or where to go for help, and the adventurers spirit stayed about his body begging for her to help him until a sigh on the wind and a quiet whisper in her ear spoke to her.

"Diana, these many days I have watched over you, my child, until now. This is the test I spoke of those many days ago when you helped my wolf, and now you will find the calling I spoke of then. So now it is up to you to help replace this poor lost spirit into his proper body. Place your hands upon his chest and offer your voice up to the gods to help his poor soul return to its rightful place."

Diana did as she was told and soon his body began to faintly glow as his spirit was returned. With one deep gasp of air he was alive again. Diana knew not how she did it and the young man was so grateful that he brought her to the Crossing clerical guild, and left her in the safe hands of the guild leader Tallis. As he left he made a solemn promise to Tallis he would never lose favor with the Immortals, and that if Diana ever needed him he would be there to help.

Diana slowly approached Tallis, who simply smiled when Diana spoke of joining the clerics guild. Tallis said a blessing over her, and then began to instruct her in the ways of the cleric. That day Diana knew she was where she belonged. That was the day that Diana took a vow of poverty, and a vow to help others in need.

And while Diana has never seen her sister ElizziBiana face to face, she knows their path will one day cross, and until then Eliz has given her a place to stay in the Crossing, food and drink to nourish herself upon, and coins left around for whatever Diana may need.

Meanwhile, Diana has never forgotten Hav'roth and still worships him she also pays homage to Meraud for showing her the way of her future.

So ends at this point the simple story of a young struggling Elven cleric named Diana Cumpstook as she works to learn more of her chosen guild, the Cleric's Guild.