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Derivan Hartar
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime

Derivan Hariar
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime


Currently (400AV)
You see Derivan Hariar, Student, a Human.
He has crystal blue eyes and a classical nose. His dark brown hair is short and straight, and is worn in a careless, windblown arrangement. He has tanned skin.
He has a tattoo of a buxom blonde mermaid kissing a bloated fish on his arm.

He is wearing a dark steelsilk balaclava, a grey suede robe embroidered with the image of the White Sentinel down the right sleeve, a black hauberk with silver links forming the White Sentinel at one shoulder, some dark steelsilk gauntlets, a silver neithrel band embellished with sapphires, a dull silver ring hastily engraved with a pear-shaped man holding a cat, a dark grey canvas belt adorned with silver studs, a soft suede toolkit, some fitted leather pants, and a pair of steel-grey leather boots edged in black pard fur.

You see Derivan Hariar, Ale Taster of Forfedhdar, a Human.
He has crystal blue eyes and a classical nose. His dark brown hair is short and straight, and is worn shaggy. He has tanned skin.
He has a tattoo of a buxom blonde mermaid kissing a bloated fish on his arm.

He is wearing a brown and green mottled Boar Clan jersey, a black tankard-shaped badge etched with the insignia of the Tavern Troupe, some fitted leather pants, a plain war belt crafted from dark brown leather, a soft suede toolkit, a heavy canvas carry-all, a worn wooden tip jar painted with a dancing Dwarf guzzling beer, a polished leather back harness with a stylus strapped to it, an azure-scaled poloh'izh hide cloak, some sturdy firecat-skin leathers embossed with curling crimson flames, a small buttoned pouch of vivid sunny yellow embroidered with colorful scenes of Forfedhdar, and some leather boots.


Derivan was born in Lower Kaerna Village. His father Delver was a locally renowned instrument maker and his mother Madeliynn tended to the family home and sung occasionally at the Gilded Unicorn Inn. After growing up in the village and learning how to play the syrinx, Derivan ventured out with help from his father to Crossings where he joined the Bards' Guild under Guild Leader Silvyrfrost.

Shortly there after Derivan's parents were senselessly murdered by Dragon Priests during a raid in Kaerna. Filled with rage and grief, Derivan was struck by a strong desire to leave Crossings, find those responsible for killing his parents and see the world and did so for many of his early years. He traveled extensively around the islands within the provice of Qi and also visited all of the known Bardic guilds at the time. When his search turned up naught and his grief subsided Derivan returned to the Crossings and became a citizen of Zoluren, vowing however to forever fight the Dragon Priests and avenge his parents murders. To clear his mind he joined the Lorethew Mentor Society and served as a mentor for a few years.


While drinking with friends at the Half Pint Inn, an idea was passed around to start a Troupe to rival that of the Four Winds. Derivan had always had a talent for a tune and would always sing to appease the local barkeeps and inn keepers who held his tabs. On that day Derivan became a founding member of the now famous Tavern Troupe Performing Order. He held various posistions within' the order including years as the Lead Councilor and Vice Speaker. Derivan left the Troupe shortly after the departure of the Troupe's first speaker Bubbinster Bladebender and whispers of the Dragon Priests return in the province of Ilithi.

Renouncing his citizenship and leaving The Crossings, Derivan set out on the road to Shard and once there became aquainted with the local tavern and inn keepers. He had developed a love of ale during his younger days and was well versed in the subject. Well enough in fact to impress a local dwarf brewer who promised Derivan all the ale he could drink and a fair amount of coin in return for his services as a taste tester. With financing for his continuing fight against the Dragon Priests, Derivan moved with the brewer to the province of Forfedhar.

After hearing news of the execution of former Haven Bard Guildleader Ezruh Matsham in 399AV Derivan quit his posistion in Forfedhar renounced his citizenship in order to train and study with former songsworn and new Riverhaven Guildleader Tasdraen.

Personal Timeline

357AV - Founding member of the Tavern Troupe.
360AV - Witnesses assasination of Prince Bellenderik at Prince Vorclaf’s and Bellenderick’s Costume Ball. Performs at the Memorial Service for Prince Bellenderick.
363AV - Soldier in the Sorrow War.
374AV - Leaves the Tavern Troupe.
379AV - Following the Outcast occupation moved to Forfedhar.
399AV - Leaves Forfedhar after assasination of Ezruh Matsham.
400AV - Married to Ysselt Ja'Haadraan.
401AV - Divorced.

OOC Info

AIM: DerivanDR
PVP Stance: Open