Dergati's Eye

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Dergati's Eye is a small region of night, resembling a lopsided oval high in the the sky. It is exceptional for the complete lack of light within its reach, as though every star in that direction had been extinguished.
Astrological records over the centuries noted that Dergati's Eye consumed a star that once sat at the Eye's periphery. Once every few decades that star can be seen for a few nights, dim and fighting fitfully against the darkness that inevitably overtakes it. Some Moon Mages theorize that Dergati's Eye has no latent significance, but instead steals the destinies of the stars it destroys.

Enigma of Dergati's Eye

Fall, Winter
Start: End:
Date: 300th day 28th day
Time: Unknown Unknown
Skillsets Affected:
Magic Skillset, Lore Skillset, Survival Skillset, Weapon Skillset, Armor Skillset
Other Information:
Circle: 125th Telescope: Yes
Starlight Sphere: None