Demosel's Lair (1)

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Demosel's Lair
Event Web Festival
Owner Demosel
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Demosel's Lair, Wares of the Fortune's Path]
The inside of the wagon is simple. Panels of cloth in a panoply of textures line the walls, draping over most of the nearby surfaces. You also see a dark rosewood shelf with some stuff on it, a rough silverwillow table with some stuff on it, an ornate bronze rack with some stuff on it, a finely carved ivory board with some stuff on it and a wide spidersilk banner.
Obvious exits: out.

       ~~**^*^Demosel's Spidersilk Raiments^*^**~~
   ~~~~For those who enjoy the finer taste to life!~~~

   Greetings people of Elanthia! I am Demosel---
   Mistress of Fate's calling.  I have brought with me
   some of my finest wares for your perusal.  What is
   move lovely than fine spidersilk?  More soothing to
   the skin, more pleasing to the eye?  Here for the
   adventurer, I present the finest items I have made.

   Constructed by the gypsy folk in the east, and 
   specially blessed by Mystics of Fortune's Path!

    ~~All spidersilk containers and gear weigh less~~
          ~~than their mundane counterparts.~~
          ---And these are far from mundane!

             ~~^*^Mistress Demosel^*^~~
       ~^*---Hand of Fate to Fortune's Path---*^~
On the rosewood shelf
Item Price Done
black spidersilk belt quiver 12,500   !!
black spidersilk backpack 87,500   !!
pale spidersilk backpack 87,500   !!
dark spidersilk sack 7,500   !!
braided spidersilk sack 7,500   !!
beaded spidersilk sack 7,500   !!
On the silverwillow table
Item Price Done
black spidersilk weapons harness clasped with a burnished gold star 68,750   !!
elaborately braided ceremonial spidersilk sheath 46,250   !!
pale spidersilk quiver accented by a tiny blue diamond sirese flower 50,000   !!
On the bronze rack
Item Price Done
macrame spidersilk satchel 36,250   !!
braided spidersilk satchel ?   !!
silvery spidersilk satchel accented by some pure white swan feathers 46,250   !!
dark coral spidersilk satchel worked with inlaid turquoise beads 46,875   !!
On the ivory board
Item Price Done
night-black spidersilk pouch with delicate lace webbing stitched in silver thread 12,500   
dark spidersilk pouch 1,250   
gold-trimmed black spidersilk pouch 1,875   
silver-edged dark spidersilk pouch 3,750   
pale green spidersilk pouch pinned with a golden phoenix charm 6,250   
dark crimson spidersilk hip pouch clasped with a silver wren charm 6,250   
dark blue spidersilk pouch ?