Deadman's Confide

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The Deadman's Confide is found on the island of Ratha, thru the 4th Tier western gate, north on the RTR (Reshalia Trade Route) and down the climbable path that leads to the lighthouse. The area is near the ocean and supports the following creatures, some only at night, for hunting:

One of the special attacks of the sailors and pirates will be to turn into a column of fog, which will immediately surround you and teleport you to a Stone Cell. The cell will be dark, so you will need a light source to see. Formerly, to leave, you would have needed to pick the oak door open, however as of 2019 it appears this door is permanently open and you can simply walk out. The messaging you can expect from this attack is:

The spectral pirate becomes a column of fog that moves unerringly toward you.
The fog envelops you momentarily and when it clears you find yourself in...
It's pitch dark and you can't see a thing!

Along the Prominence is a gweldalmaen that marks 3 graves that reads:

Sann Olkan rae Surmi Zelka; Poho, Poho-da, & Lohogi V'rkeal; Rest Beyond Here, Rest Beyond Now, Rest Forever, Rest In Peace

In order to leave the inside of the lighthouse after being caught in the special creature attack, there is a gap to the southern-most Beach room that you can take by heading NE from the 5-way intersection. Additionally, there is a door which can be accessed after completing a puzzle after heading W from the 5-way intersection. The stone by the puzzle door shows:

The stone is smoothly finished with a faint convex curve to it. Colorful mosaics tile most of the barrier. Carved into the stone above the artwork is the word "SELMOR".

The mosaic in the room also provides a hint:

The pictures form a large circle on the wall. There are images of a cloud, a knight, a whirlpool, a dragon, a sword, a beach, a jewel, a flower, a crown, a wizard, a temple and a falcon.