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DAYDREAM is a roleplaying command with a special AFK-signifying function for Premium players.


DAYDREAM <person>
DAYDREAM <person | object | creature> <GOOD | EVIL>


You try to lose yourself in a daydream, but feel too distracted.
<Player> 's face takes on a dreamy look for only a moment.
You stare at <person>, not really thinking about anything at all.
<Player> stares at you with a unreadable look of utter blankness.
Good: You daydream about running off with <person> and keeping him/her all to yourself.
<Player> gives you a dreamy look.
Evil: You daydream about throttling the life out of <person>.
<Player> gives you a disturbingly dreamy look.
Good: You stare at <item>, pleasantly daydreaming about it.
<Player> stares dreamily at an <item> with a pleasant smile on <his/her> face.
Evil: You lose yourself in a daydream about stealing the <item>.
<Player> stares dreamily at an <item>, as if <he/she> wanted to steal it.
Good: You stare at <creature>, lost in a wistful daydream.
<Player> gives <<creature> a wistful, dreamy look.
Evil: You daydream about throttling the life out of <creature>.
<Player> smirks and stares at <creature> with malicious, dreamy look.

Premium Bonus

To Start:

You lose yourself completely in a daydream...
<Player>'s eyes glaze over as he/she loses him/herself in a daydream.

When looking at a daydreaming player, others seen this highlighted text at the top of the player's description:

You notice a glassy look in <player>'s eyes, and realize that <he/she> is in a daydream -- <he/she> probably isn't even aware you're here.

If you try to look at yourself while daydreaming:

That's kinda like trying to see what you look like asleep, isn't it?

If you try to do something before ending your daydream, you see:

You gaze about sleepily, still lost in your daydream...

To End:

You wake up from your daydream, and begin paying attention again.
<Player> suddenly blinks and wakes up from <his/her> daydream.