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Datsik Baudelaire
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime


You see Importer Datsik Baudelaire, Bootlegger of Ratha, an Elven Trader.
He has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears, sparkling red eyes and a pointy nose. His platinum hair is short and straight, and is worn slicked back away from his face. He has pale skin and an athletic build.
He is tall for an Elf.
He is young for an Elf.

He is wearing a crooked top hat with a snazzy red feather, a black damask tie set with a tiny brass tack, an elegant black gentleman's greatcloak, a nightsilk duffel bag secured with slender leather straps, a tattered black backpack stitched with the emblem of the Shard Traders' guild, a fine red linen shirt with silver cufflinks and studs, a tombstone-grey silk vest embellished with subtle embroidery, a nightsilk gem pouch, a pair of black formal trousers trimmed with satin bands down the legs, and a pair of silver-tipped formal leather boots.