Darker Shade of Night (1)

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Darker Shade of Night (1)
Festival Guildfest 401, Guildfest 409, Guildfest 412, Guildfest 416
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Thief shops, Clothing shops
Restrictions Thief
This store only accepts Lirums


[A Darker Shade of Night]
A tall ebony wardrobe sits in this small hollow across from some pillars draped in a dark, silky material. Faceted crystal sconces hold dimly glowing candles that give enough steady shine so that one can comfortably view the merchandise. All of the lights have been positioned on one side of the room, casting the opposite corner in shadow. You also see a shadowed alcove and some pillars draped in dark, silky material.
Obvious exits: none.

In the ebony wardrobe
Item Price Done
dark indigo cleric's vestment pinned with a simple white sash 57,900   
bedraggled robes with brownish-red bloodstains covering a Barbarians' Guild crest 26,900   
pristine silk empath's robe tied with a belt dangling ornamental dried herbs 69,200   
stylish robes with the Moon Mage Guild emblem stitched over the right breast pocket 44,440   
elegant cloak bearing polished epaulets graced with platinum Bards' Guild crests 92,600   
soft black cloak with an animite clasp displaying a diamond-studded Traders' Guild crest 555,550   
noble cloak of black silk bearing polished epaulets etched with Paladins' Guild crests 73,100   
dignified cloak woven with the Warrior Mage Guild crest upon the back 52,700   
long belted tunic with the Rangers' Guild crest stitched across the chest 37,200   


[A Darker Shade of Night, Shadows]
Only the faintest candlelight filters through the hollow to this darkened corner. Leaning at an angle against the wall, a broad ebony wardrobe houses several items for sale. Iridescent chalk on the floor has been smudged by foot traffic but still adds an underlying glimmer to the shadows. You also see the main floor.
Obvious exits: none.

In the ebony wardrobe
Item Price Done
plain black commoner's cape 15,890   !!
unremarkable commoner's cloak 12,570   
heavy flannel commoner's frock 13,460   !!
stained beggar's duds 7,730   
ill-fitting beggar's cloak streaked with soil and grime 5,180   
dirty beggar's shroud of faded black material splotched with unidentifiable stains 6,240   
elegantly draping cloak clasped with an animite lockpick 399,900   
richly shaded locksmith's robes belted with a thick sash of nightsilk 85,260   
silky black cloak sporting a platinum shoulder clasp etched with the word "Locksmith" 133,330