Dark-eyed gypsy lass (NPC)

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dark-eyed gypsy lass
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Varies
Type: merchant
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Sells wares at Dark-eyed Gypsy Lass.


The lass is a graceful young woman with dark eyes and long wavy black hair. Her bare feet are stained with the dirt of the road, revealed by her kilted-up skirt. An embroidered peasant-style blouse is covered by a brightly woven shawl draped over her arms. She carries a wicker basket filled with clothing and jewelry. Perhaps if you ask her about her basket, she will show them to you.

Conversation Topics

  • Ker'Leor: "My people live near Ker'Leor." The lass frowns and adds, "Much misunderstood by the Baron's folk, though, who hunt us down like animals, confusing us with that shiftless lot of marauders over near the lake."
  • Theren: "My people don't go there much -- they tend to look down upon my kind. I heard it was to celebrate the remodeling of the keep's chapel, though," the lass says.