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Festival Hollow Eve Festival 392
Owner Dalvier
# of Rooms N/A
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Dalvier wanders in the Abdomen of The Massive Metal Arachnid:
You see Dalvier, a Human Warrior Mage. He has light green eyes. His dark hair is long and wavy. He has smooth skin. He is young for a Human. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a silver necklace dangling a small sapphire studded ring, a billowing white shirt, a simple leather belt, a pair of black pants embroidered with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild and some short black boots.

>ASK Dalvier ABOUT Work:
Dalvier says, "Yup. I do that. I do work. I specialize in teaching you how to make the entrances and departures of your dreams. Surprise your friends by appearing in a puff of smoke, having a trio of horns trumpeting your arrival, sneaking up behind them and shouting "BOOO!" or any number of other things."

Dalvier continues, "If you're curious about what I'm teaching at this time, you can ask about my list."

ASK Dalvier ABOUT List
Item Price Done
Option 1 - 
      Main Window Arrival: With a resounding crack, the ground splits and Talarien hastily 
                           scrambles out of the opening before it crashes shut again.
    Main Window Departure: The earth beneath Talarien opens up in a ferocious yawn.  
                           Talarien sighs as he plummets into the hole, vanishing from existence.
   Arrival Window Arrival: Talarien Duskwalker just crawled out of a hole in Elanthia.
 Arrival Window Departure: Talarien was just swallowed out of existence by Elanthia.
50,000   No
Option 2 - 
      Main Window Arrival: Talarien emerges from a billowing plume of colorful smoke.
    Main Window Departure: Talarien raises a hand to the sky and intones a dark chant.  
                           Colorful clouds of smoke envelop him, concealing Talarien from sight.  
                           When it clears, Talarien is gone!
   Arrival Window Arrival: Talarien just arrived in a colorful cloud of smoke!
 Arrival Window Departure: Talarien just vanished in a colorful cloud of smoke!
50,000   No
Option 3 - 
      Main Window Arrival: Mounds of dirt begin to quiver as writhing limbs thrust through 
                           the surface.  Three ghoulish zombies free themselves and pull 
                           a dazed looking Talarien from his tomb.
    Main Window Departure: Talarien shouts, "Arise, my minions!"  A trio of ghoulish zombies 
                           appears beside him, digs a hole and then drags Talarien into it.
   Arrival Window Arrival: Talarien Duskwalker's horde just dragged him into the adventure.
 Arrival Window Departure: Talarien's horde just dragged him to his resting place.
50,000   No
Option 4 - 
      Main Window Arrival: A blast of heatless flames explodes into being.  Talarien stands 
                           in their wake as they recoil.
    Main Window Departure: Talarien shouts, "I shall return!" before promptly being engulfed 
                           in a fiery explosion.
   Arrival Window Arrival: Talarien Duskwalker joined the adventure in a fiery explosion.
 Arrival Window Departure: Talarien left the adventure in a fiery explosion.
50,000   No

Dalvier says, "Please know, Talarien, that these options are only temporary in nature. You'll no doubt become lazy and forgetful with time."
[ASK Dalvier ABOUT # to purchase an option.]
[Dalvier's options are temporary and will expire 11/11/2008 20:00:00 CST.]