Crimson Crane Couriers (1)

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Crimson Crane Couriers
Event Guildfest 423
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Crimson Crane Couriers, Traveling Showroom]
Plush carmine carpeting, oiled cedar wall panels, and elegant gaethzen lanterns create an inviting atmosphere around the long display counter that runs the length of the wagon's showroom. An apron-clad Elothean clerk attends to the sales floor, occasionally taking up work at printing presses and paper cutters behind the service counter when called upon to fill an order.
You also see a silk-lined tray with several things on it, the wagon door, a crane-embroidered crimson curtain, a prominent sign and a red-lacquered table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A prominent sign reads:

  "Crimson Crane Couriers is proud to offer fine customized calling cards at
  reasonable prices -- delivery service included!  The catalog on display lists
  our paper style options, and the menu next to it has available taglines.
  Once you're ready with your selections, ORDER CARDS FROM CLERK.

  Additionally, returning customers may ORDER REFILL FROM CLERK to have
  a previously loaded calling card dispenser restocked at a discounted rate."


On the silk-lined tray
Item Price Done
Elothean silk calling card dispenser batiked with a silvery lotus 5,400   
ruddy leather calling card dispenser embossed with dustanjis flowers 3,250   
lotusweave calling card dispenser embroidered with etrana blossoms 64,000   
crushed velvet calling card dispenser stitched with purple zinerelans 3,250   
brocade calling card dispenser patterned with Ilithic irises 3,750   
These hold 28 cards.
On the red-lacquered table
Item Price Done
banded flamewood calling card dispenser painted with the crest of Zoluren 52,500   
brushed animite calling card dispenser emblazoned with the crest of Therengia 650,000   
silverwood calling card dispenser veneered with the crest of Ilithi 75,000   
exotic dragonwood calling card dispenser goldworked with the crest of Qi'Reshalia 87,500   
rugged kertig calling card dispenser engraved with the crest of Forfedhdar 350,000   
These hold 36 cards.


read catalog
Item Price Done
1) a textured taffelberry calling card 2,100   No
2) a prim pearlescent calling card 2,700   No
3) a rich goldenrod calling card 2,100   No
4) an illustrated sea-blue calling card 2,100   No
5) a marbled slate-grey calling card 2,100   No
6) a coarse steel-grey calling card - Barbarians 2,100   No
6) a speckled jadice-yellow calling card - Empaths 2,100   No
6) a twilight-hued parchment calling card - Moon Mages 2,100   No
6) an unblemished white vellum calling card - Paladins 2,100   No
6) a curling birch bark calling card - Rangers 2,100   No
6) a hexagonal flame-orange calling card - Warrior Mages 2,100   No
6) a brushed royal purple calling card - Traders 2,100   No
All prices listed are in Lirums (per card).
[ORDER CARDS FROM CLERK to begin a new card order.]
[ORDER REFILL FROM CLERK to request a refill of previously loaded cards.]


read menu
Item Price Done
1) (No tagline) 0   
2) "Top-notch quality, unbeatable prices." 0   
3) "Discretion guaranteed." 0   
4) "Unrivaled reliability." 0   
5) "Free consultation." 0   
6) "Bulk discounts available -- inquire today!" 0   
7) "No appointment necessary." 0   
8) "Free delivery on all local orders." 0   
9) "Committed to fast and friendly service." 0   
10) "Repair services available." 0   
11) "Purveyor of exotic goods and rare merchandise." 0   
12) "i mayk gud stuff." 0   
13) "Special acquisitions project manager." 0   
14) "Raw materials wholesale supplier." 0   
15) "Dealing in quality blades, blunts, and pole arms." 0   
16) "Dealing in quality bows and ammunition." 0   
17) "Dealing in quality metal armor and shields." 0   
18) "Dealing in quality leather goods and gear." 0   
19) "Dealing in quality tailored clothing and accessories." 0   
20) "Dealing in quality engineered goods." 0   
21) "Dealing in enchantments, spells, and magical goods." 0   
22) "Dealing in high-end crafting tools." 0   
23) "No injury too large or small for treatment!" 0   
24) "Director of funerary rites and devotional services." 0   
25) "Sword for hire." 0   
26) "Available for weddings, parties, and other events." 0   
27) "Find out what your future holds -- today!" 0   
28) "Dependable locksmithing and trap disposal service." 0