Crest of the Thieves' Guild

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"A blank charger shrouded by a concealing veil." In this case, "charger" most likely refers to a battle-ready horse, though it is possible it is the alternate meaning of a shall serving dish.

Also described as as "the image of an open hand revealing a lockpick, an empty purse, and a dark figure backstabbing a beast."


ItemSource isRare item
Beautiful golden wedding ring crowned with a blooming red-gold roseThick as Thievestrue
Blackened steel horseshoe stamped with the crest of the Thieves' GuildToss-O-Ramatrue
Bouquet of Desert Scorpion blossoms arranged in a ceramic treasure chestPerpetual Blossoms of Mer'Kresh (2)true
Broad platinum wedding band with a sparkling diamond inlayThick as Thievestrue
Cloak of mottled smoky grey and flat black silk fastened with a pewter claspJhanine Dering Cloaks (1)Jhanine Dering Cloaks (2)Jhanine Dering Cloaks (3)true
Delicate silver engagement ring set with a stunning princess-cut diamondThick as Thievestrue
Diamond engagement ring with a crosshatched bandThick as Thievestrue
Engagement ring cradling a single pink sapphire among waves of animiteThick as Thievestrue
Engagement ring glimmering with multifaceted diamondsThick as Thievestrue
Engagement ring swirled with different shades of goldThick as Thievestrue
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