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Our glorious rise to power the forming of the Contraire Empire

The House of Contraire started with a barge ride and a dream. They are the family formerly known as Gazen'Molujan, and all members have been adopted under the Contraire Empire, except for Zithri who doesn't count.

When Lalouisa was a little girl growing up on her father's rooster farm, she discovered she had a penchant for mischief and romps in the hay. One day she ventured to the big city called the Crossing with a dream of becoming the strongest barbarian in the land and opening a shop to serve her famous milkshakes and turkey legs. There she met a charming young lass named Contrejour. They immediately became besties sharing lollipops and occasionally dance partners at the local balls.

In the midst of the great war between the house Gazen'Molujan and the house Dirais'Sanbino, Contrejour married Slarc after a wild night of tea, merry story telling, a few games of spin the grave robbed hunting spear, and this is where they may have picked up Lolianna. The memory is hazy and they are still not sure what was in that tea. Through this union, Lalouisa and Contrejour became in-laws and sealed their bond as family members for evs and evs. They soon decided to share the same last name.

Thusly the Gazen'Molujan reformed under the Contraire name and the Dirais'Sanbino house crumbled and scattered never to be seen or heard from again except Shaunacy and Avichai who both don't count. To honor the lineage of the past and their unbreakable bond Contrejour, Slarq and Lalouisa struck out to forge an Empire that would become the greatest Elanthia has ever known.

Long story short, peeps be jelly of our donuts.

The glam fam

Contrejour Contraire - Head of Household, snake charmer, part-time dancer, pastry and dessert chef, peanut butter thief, candlelighter. Last seen near Therengia with a counterfeit passport bearing the surname Libertaire.

Slarc "Sugar Fingers" Contraire - The Mister, master confectioner, stylish statistician, and alleged Horse Slayer.

Lalouisa Contraire - The right hand woman and favorite cousin, she ain't a beauty but hey she's all right, Toggish princess and Pretend Cleric.

Lolianna Contraire - The Gossip, the sister from another mister, the best friend extraordinaire, the supreme fashion adviser to the empire, Winner of the Miss Gwethdesuan pageant and inducted into the Miss Gweth hall of fame on the 55th day of the 2nd month of Ka'len the Sea Drake in the year of the Golden Panther. Resting in Peace.

Vladmirr Contraire - A cleric with bad ankles but a lot of fight in him.

Meiline Contraire - Fearless Battle Empath who bravely fought off voidspawn in the bath house, and she has the hook up.

Buuwl Contraire - House Guard, wielder of the infamous "Lucy".

Charlize Contraire - Smuggler of tasty treats, coffee addict, label maker, always innocent.

Giavanna Contraire - The loud one. Owner and caretaker of Flufferkins the bunny rabbit. Head sand barge fishing charter and party planner.

Qoda Contraire - Head travel agent, stalker, Garden Gnome.

Khiersty Contraire - The quiet one.

Brewski Contraire - Forever exiled.

Elkira Contraire - The rogue family member with a bounty on her head.

Helikaon Contraire - The first Prydaen. That's right dawg, we let in a cat. meeeeooooowwwww. Check meowt.

Aayveia Contraire - The daughter mother, cupcaked crusader, Lalouisa's competition for best Elanthian milkshake.

Nurvembarr Contraire - He who keeps the rhythm. Burning star in the night. Wears two shoes. Triangles are his favorite shape.

Smashytooth Contraire - We felt like we needed another Empath who doesn't like to heal.

Narcyssa Contraire - She'll sing you a song, about herself.

Zairius Contraire - The warrior mage formerly know as the bunny lord.

Subvert Contraire - Exploring the bestiary on his way to greatness.

Ferfi Contraire - Our dandy handyman. He plays a mean lyre.

Vanoi Contraire - She's going to be famous, someday...or a washed up beauty queen.

Yvian Contraire - We're not sure where she came from and we're not sure where she goes. Some stones are better left unturned.

Crofic Contraire - Farmboy adopted through an exchange of wit and radishes. Not sure if that means we get the farm, or the cow, but we got the Crofic.

Erixx Voorhees - Shuffling through Magen with a machete, he'll take your head for a prize... ... If he can just catch up to you...

Chelinde Contraire - There's a furry lump in her pouch that everyone wants to get their hands on!

Torwynn Contraire - Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? It's Tartsnatcher Torwynn!


A lime green shield emblazoned with turkey leg and a mug of beer.


Keep Calm and Contraire On.

Family wood


Battle standard

a crisp linen tea towel elaborately embroidered in gold thread and lashed to a chestnut flag pole

Family portraits


a pair of carefree girls sitting on a picnic blanket eating turkey legs and lollipops. They are cute as buttons and appear to be talking loudly with their mouths full of food. A calligraphy chat bubble above their heads reads "Hot To Death!".