Communication with Extra-Planar Entities: An Attempt To Promote Understanding and to Avoid Future Conflict

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Communication with Extra-Planar Entities: An Attempt To Promote Understanding and to Avoid Future Conflict

"Thank you all for coming. Today, we will attempt to communicate with Extra-Planar entities to try to learn more about them, their perceptions of us, the Arbiter and his plans, the Plane of Probability, and attempt to establish dialogue to prevent and avoid future conflict."

"Our goals are ambitious. We may fail and we may learn nothing. However, if we have a chance to learn more about our uneasy relations with entities from the Plane of Probability, I feel it is important that we try."

"We will be taking a few moments to discuss our plan so that each person here can decide for themselves if this is something they want to do."

"In order to maximize our chances of success, we need to take precautions and increase our own connection to the Plane of Probability so that we may be more attuned with subtleties that we might otherwise not notice."

"I recommend that moon mages cast tenebrous sense because it translates the subtle shifting of shadow and mass into a tactile sense. Seer’s sense because it sharpens our foresight and attunes us better to the Webs of Fate. Braun’s Conjecture because it balances our conscious mind with our innate planar link. Aura sight because it lets us see the auras that emanate from all things and strengthens our tie to the Plane of Probability. Clear vision because it enhances our perception at the psychic level and sharpens all our senses. Shadows because it may create an atmosphere more comfortable to shadow entities."

"I recommend that we have access to Aura of Tongues in case they can speak some language that we personally do not know. Thoughtcast in case they speak telepathically. Banner of Truce, Sanctuary, and other warding and defensive spells to take every possible precaution we can."

"We will then summon Extra-planar entities at the same time with the idea that the more creatures that we summon, the more likely that one will speak. We will only summon one type of entity at a time because we don’t want to summon an entire army of extra-planar beings."

"I suggest that we summon the following in order of shadowlings, shadow servants, devourers, nimbus, and finally a spawn from a rogue gate.

"We, then, should try to ask them questions in the common tongue, race-specific languages, ancient languages (if anyone knows one), and psychic communication via thoughtcast."

"There are many questions that we can and should ask. I think everyone should try to ask whatever questions they feel are important. It could be that they are more receptive talking about certain topics or maybe to particular people. We don’t know."

"Ideas for questions are What are you? When we summon you, what happens to you in the Plane of Probability? And here? Are we summoning your spirit or are you actually, physically here? Do you begrudge us for summoning you? Are we causing you pain or trouble? Why do you call us the defilers? What does the Arbiter want from us? Are any creatures from the Plane of Abiding stuck in the Plane of Probability? Tezirah? Dehvra? Pelag? What happened to Grazhir? What do you know of the Naming Ritual?"

"And countless other questions. I hope and I encourage everyone to try every method possible to communicate with them. Maybe it will work. Maybe it will not. But we must try."