Commotion! (1)

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Event Taisidon Safari 412, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

Bells of all shapes and sizes hang all around this small room. A large sign hangs over the back counter, lit by reflected light from all the metal surfaces. You also see a bell-strung clothing rack with several things on it, a toe bell tree with several things on it and a dancing skirt display with several things on it.
Obvious paths: out.

On the counter
Item Price Done
silver belled hip-chain set with ruby crabs at each side 60,000   
bronze hip-chain supporting a fringe of bells shaped into tiny stylized suns 1,000   
delicate hip-chain dangling a multitude of crystalline bells 5,000   
tiered hip-chain decorated with dolphin-shaped icesteel bells 300,000   
collection of golden shells interspersed with fana broachai 10,000   
collection of muracite turtles interspersed with dried sea urchin spines 120,000   
collection of brass paguur interspersed with coconut shell beads 800   
collection of covellite parrots interspersed with bright yellow feathers 40,000   
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
pale silk skirt trailing loose strands of oravir bells from the waistline 4,000   !!
dark silk skirt draped with looping chains of animite bells 800,000   !!
multi-tiered cobalt bast skirt trimmed with silver star-shaped bells 130,000   !!
long coral bast skirt overlaid with a fine golden-belled mesh 90,000   !!
clingy halter-necked shirt of wrapped silk trimmed in tiny silver bells 1,000   
clingy halter-necked shirt of wrapped silk trimmed in tiny golden bells 2,000   
airy shirt of gauze atop ebony silk strung with tiny animite bells along the hem 500,000   
airy shirt of gauze atop ivory silk strung with tiny oravir bells along the hem 3,000   
On the toe bell tree
Item Price Done
purple enameled toe bells crafted to resemble phofe flower buds 6,500   
cut silver toe bells with an intricate knotwork pattern 6,000   
polished toe bells with multi-colored enameled shells 7,000   
polished brass toe bells shaped like conch shells 5,000   
simple copper toe bells 3,000   
brushed silver toe bells enameled with golden moons and stars 6,000   
burnished gold toe bells enameled with the colors of a sunset 10,000   
On the skirt display
Item Price Done
vibrant teal and sunset orange dancing skirt made from gauzy layers of silk 3,000   
orchid purple dancing skirt ruffled with pale layers of lace 4,000   !!
low-slung dancing skirt of diaphanous saffron scarves atop persimmon silk 30,000   !!
flirty dancing skirt of hibiscus red charmeuse slashed to reveal dark lace beneath 40,000   !!
shimmering dancing skirt crafted from layers of silver-shot aquamarine gossamer 20,000   !!
dancing skirt cut to dramatically flare into a cascade of fiery silk 2,000   !!