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Clothing Shop
Event Taisidon Safari 412, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Clothing Shop]
Brightly colored clothing made from rich silks, sheer gauzes and an array of other fabrics is displayed prominently on various surfaces around the shop. The tropical influence here is strong and seems to have reached every detail of the decor, from the bamboo flooring and the dried palm fronds adorning the ceiling to the mural-painted walls depicting lush jungle vegetation. A heavy floral scent fills the air, undercut by just a hint of ocean breeze. You also see a rubbish bin, a pile of shoe boxes, a low wooden counter with several things on it, an ornately carved armoire, a set of bamboo mannequins with several things on it, a fretwork teak wardrobe and a large sign.
Obvious paths: out.

A large sign reads:

"Regarding Bast:

Bast is a fabric created from bamboo found here on the island.  
The process is complex, but the resulting fabric has a silky smoothness, exceptional 
strength, is very resistant to marring, and wicks moisture away from a wearer's body 
when used in garments worn close to the skin.  This latter property is especially handy 
in the tropical jungle environment, as it is said to help in preventing several unfortunate 
types of fungal growth that have been known to plague exploration groups!"

In the rubbish bin
Item Price Done
stained slippers with holes in the toes 150   
woven kelp hat riddled with holes 75   
pair of cracked leather boots with missing laces 180   
fraying linen robe blotched with salt stains 260   
blue cotton tunic marred by sun-bleached streaks 250   
ill-tailored silk robe with uneven sleeves and a crooked hem 295   
In the shoe boxes
Item Price Done
leather-soled sandals with winding laces that dangle crystal nautilus shells 10,000   
fashionable hiking boots with decorative laces shaped to look like liana vines 60,000   
floral embossed leather sandals buckled with Taisidon emeralds 230,000   
pair of silken slippers painted with stylized shh'oi paguur 3,000   
low-heeled boots trimmed with bands of arzumos fur 6,000   
driftwood-soled sharkskin clogs 3,000   
pair of khor'vela wood sabots painted with phofe flowers upon their toes 5,000   
tall oiled leather boots with supple soles 8,000   
On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
pair of sailcloth trousers bleached to a bright white 3,000   
bright red armure trousers buckled with a miniature steel anchor 60,000   
wrapped violet bast shirt with a halter-style neck and shell-beaded fringe 80,000   
fitted bast shirt striped in white and navy blue 90,000   
loose linen trousers dyed in jungle tones 3,000   
wide-legged cobalt bast trousers 60,000   
lightweight raw silk trousers held with a knotted jute belt 20,000   
white muslin shirt edged in embroidery along the open neck 7,000   
In the carved armoire
Item Price Done
wide-sleeved silk robe with elaborately embroidered hems 10,000   
striking opalescent white watersilk robe cinched by a wide brocade belt 120,000   
square-necked robe of coral bast with gauzy butterfly sleeves 180,000   
knee-length purple bast robe cut with flaring sleeves 230,000   
sleeveless robe of carmine arzumodine belted with a double-wrapped length of silk 100,000   
leaf green jaspe robe layered atop mango-hued silk 300,000   
On the bamboo mannequins
Item Price Done
snug azure silk sarong patterned with bird of paradise flowers 10,000   
iridescent jade silk sarong pinned with bejeweled dragonflies 10,000   
gently clinging sarong crafted from fringed orchid purple silk 10,000   
lightweight bast sarong held at one hip by a Taisidon emerald leaf 140,000   
figure-hugging sunset orange silk sarong embroidered with Eluned's glory blossoms 10,000   
In the teak wardrobe
Item Price Done
sleeveless saffron silk tunic embroidered with colorful birds along its trim 170,000   
high-collared hibiscus red silk tunic cut with a dagged hem 500,000   
gently clinging floor-length tunic of diaphanous layers atop a thin silken base 10,000   
flowing tunic of bourde and gauze dyed to mimic the shades of morning sea mists 80,000   
pure white knee-length arzumodine tunic accented with blue silk 80,000