Clothing Shop (1)

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Clothing Shop (1)
Festival Return to Taisidon
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums
In the shoe boxes
Item Price Done
calf-length slouched leather boots ?   No
wood-soled calfskin clogs ?   No
wooden sandals with knee-length leather laces 250   No
beaded brocade slippers with long pointed toes ?   No
black and silver kidskin half-boots ?   No
soft suede boots with turned back cuffs ?   No
dainty kidskin sandals with silk ankle laces 840   No
In the carved armoire
Item Price Done
voluminous Elothean matron's robe in a soft shade of blue ?   No
traditional white silk mourning robe with a wide red sash ?   !!
knee-length black cotton robe belted at the waist with a wide blue print sash ?   No
softly pleated Elothean scholar's robe made of unbleached linen ?   
softly pleated sleeveless robe of deep blue silk with a gold-edged black brocade sash ?   
On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
pleated linen trousers ?   No
baggy calf-length trousers ?   !!
high-collared cotton shirt with wide sleeves ?   
traditional square-cut Elothean linen shirt ?   No
wide-leg canvas trousers ?   No
loose linen shirt with knotted rawhide buttons ?   
flowing silk gauze trousers ?   No
graceful silk trousers ?   No
In the teak wardrobe
Item Price Done
knee-length white silk tunic belted at the waist with a wide brocade sash ?   
gently clinging floor-length blue silk tunic embroidered with golden tigers 34,900   
formal floor-length black silk tunic embroidered with swirling silver stars 46,500   No
high-collared sleeveless red silk tunic embroidered with golden lightning bolts 17,400   
flowing floor-length deep green silk tunic embroidered with silver leaves ?   No
On the wicker mannequin
Item Price Done
gently clinging fuchsia silk sarong embroidered with spiky black palm leaves ?   No
lightweight floral silk sarong 5,000   No
vibrant green silk sarong embroidered with multihued parrots 10,000   No
figure-hugging royal purple silk sarong embroidered with fanciful golden unicorns 10,000   No
snug red silk sarong embroidered with black bamboo stalks ?   No