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Clemency Tulisar'Chirloa
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You are Wound Thief Clemency Tulisar'Chirloa, Master of the House of the House of the Waxen Moons, an Elothean.
You have tilted almond-shaped grey eyes and a straight nose. Your dark brown hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn coiled atop your head in a regal braided coronet. You have fair skin and a lissome build.
You are tiny for an Elothean.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing a button stamped with the words "Wound Thief!", a small animite ring, a regal black nightsilk robe edged with cerulean bands, a wide cambrinth armband, a hand-stitched traveler's pack, a googly-eyed plush clam and a sprig of heart's-ease.

Character Notes

  • Is mad at Simu for making "Wound Thief" badges commonplace. =(
  • Has a ridiculous custom "kitten" ensemble crafted by alteration and wedding items consisting of:

a corduroy backpack shaped like a climbing kitten with bright moonstone eyes
LOOK: Complete right down to the pointed ears and long whiskers, the soft fabric body of this corduroy kitten has been made plush to accommodate lots of hugs and squeezes. Floppy legs dangle to each side of the body, and the fluffy tail is curled into neat spirals.

some soft kitten pajamas with a long tail designed to drag behind the wearer
-LOOK: Fashioned to make the wearer look like a giant cat, these fluffy pajamas have been lined with brushed cotton for extra comfort. Perky pointed ears top a fuzzy white hood, pink satin inside giving them a realistic appearance.

some soft kitten slippers with bright cat-slitted green eyes and button noses
-LOOK: Made with fuzzy white felt, the footwear is incredibly plush for extra comfort. Long spidersilk whiskers dangle to each side of the pink button noses on each slipper, swaying comically to and fro with each step.

a witch ball decoratively painted with images of playful kittens