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Chrystia El'Marien
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime

You see Chrystia El'Marien, a Human.

Chrystia an oval face, a pair of tiny smoky diamond fox blossom studs piercing both ears, almond-shaped ale-brown eyes and a small nose. Her amber hair is long and fine, and is worn pulled back by a plaited garland fashioned from a multitude of moonspun silk buddleia blossoms and allowed to flow over the shoulders. You have pale skin and an ethereal spun glitter cape lined in heliotrope icesilk swirling around a thin figure.

She is slightly under average height for a Human.

She is young for a Human.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a low-cut windstorm gossamer robe draped in airy folds, some creamy silk tights and a pair of flexible-soled silver slippers.