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Chriztopher Tullos
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance undisclosed

Chriztopher is an S'Kra Mur from the island of Aesry, where he maintains his citizenship and resides in an ondjai located in the city proper.

You see Ambassador Chriztopher Tullos, Legendary Warrior Mage of the Order of the Iron Circle, a S'Kra Mur.
Chriztopher has an angular face with a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of his skull, slitted sparkling stormy grey eyes and a speckled snout, dark gold-edged scales and a long tail.
He is tall for a S'Kra Mur.
He appears to be venerable. (Elderly to non - S'kra)
He has a tattoo of clouds swirling in an elaborate dance on his tail.

He is holding a dark platinum-hilted bastard sword with a black diamond pommel in his right hand and a cambrinth orb in his left.
He is wearing a small steel shield adorned around the rim with platinum filigree, a pair of mesh gauntlets shaped to resemble an owl's talons, a balaclava painted to resemble rotting flesh, a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a platinum jadeite gwethdesuan, a darkened platinum eyebrow ring shaped into a circle of wickedly gleaming thorns with a black diamond clasp, a platinum and diamond por'nidrel, a sleek platinum earring fashioned to resemble a key, a triskele medallion, a platinum claw-shaped pendant clasping a fiery red aevanstone in its talons, a shimmering black cloak, a small silver leaf-shaped charm, a black amber pilgrim's badge carved in the shape of a howling wolf, a witch ball, a leather thigh quiver embossed with a pair of yellow wolf's eyes, a serrated snake icon with tiny onyx eyes, a mist-filled crystal globe hanging from a fine gold chain, a gold and rust spotted lizard, a brushed platinum four-leaf clover inlaid with jade, a dark iron armlet engraved with aged symbols and inset with an etched crystalline sphere, a segmented leather weapon harness studded with cambrinth-inlaid steel scales, a steel-plated ironwood crossbow with a sculpted dragon-head cranequin, a tight bundle, a creased and worn black traveler's pack embroidered along the straps with tiny grinning skulls, a snake charm, a polished silver badge etched with the phrase "The storms that blow fiercest are mine to command!", a bronze Trailblazer badge, a rich sable nightweaver silk S'Kra battle robe shot through with platinum threads, a gleaming platinum badge etched with the phrase "Mastery of the binding element is mine!", an augmented hauberk, a double nestled armband made of cambrinth and covered with tiny gems, a brushed steel wristcuff inset with a carved cambrinth wolf, a darkened platinum ru'at bracelet wrought in the shape of a writhing dragon, a platinum and black opal ring, a sigilated platinum ring, a darkened platinum ring bearing the seal of the Fangs of Ushnish in black diamond and cambrinth, a smuggler's black leather moneybelt, a rich sable sheath labeled "Chriz' Toys", a crystal skull, a plush ebon shadow hound spellbook case clasped with two wicked silver fangs, a steel lockpick ring, a double-strapped dark leather tail pouch, a slender blued steel blade, a furry black familiar's pouch crafted in the shape of a bear's paw with gleaming ivory claws, some warding beads, a pair of ebon-winged hip boots adorned with tiny sterling silver skulls and a blackened steel parry stick with sturdy steelsilk straps.

Chriztopher shows you a dark platinum-hilted bastard sword with a black diamond pommel. The exquisite quality of the materials and intricate glaysker motif scrollwork along the hilt raise this blade to the level of art. Despite the fine workmanship, the thin blood grooves which attenuate up each side of the blade serve as a reminder that this weapon, in the right hands, is a harbinger of death. Cleverly disguised within the hilt's decorations is the name, "Chriztopher".