Chris's Mass (constellation)

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Chris's Mass is a strikingly vivid amorphous region that currently dominates the vault of the heavens. The Mass is composed of glowing ribbons of red and green light that burn so brightly that they threaten to obscure the rest of the sky.

Due to the inconsistency of its appearance and since no astrologer can gain prophetic insight from it, some astrologers make the bold claim that the Mass is not real. Instead, they propose it is the product of some sort of spectacular magical effect, possibly originating with the Immortals. Opponents point out that denying the reality of a plainly visible celestial object opens up so many unanswerable questions about the nature of the heavens that you'd need to be a Celestian to enjoy it.


Start: End:
Date: Unknown Unknown
Time: Unknown Unknown
Skillsets Affected:
Other Information:
Circle: Unknown Telescope: Unknown
Starlight Sphere:


  • Visible every 3.65 Elanthian years around the time of the Chris's Mass Festival. (In other words, once every real year around Christmas.)