Chizelli's Charms (3)

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Chizelli's Charms
Event Theren Festival 2
Owner Chizelli
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Magic shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Chizelli's Charms]
The traveling caravan is gaily painted with vines and flowers, while luxuriously woven carpets cushion the polished wood floor. Finely crafted built-in cabinets line the walls, their sliding wood doors thrown open to display racks of velvet-lined trays filled with charms of every description. A cat perches atop one of the cabinets, its slitted green eyes gazing intently at a set of delicate crystal chimes suspended from the roof. You also see a jewelry box, a sparkling crystal coffer, the wagon's door, a small sign, an archway and a large placard. Obvious exits: none.

The sign says: 
I sell small charms designed to be affixed to the charm bracelets 
-- the charms cannot be worn by themselves. Some charms are magic, some merely 
charming -- I hope you find some you enjoy!

The large placard says:
I'm closed right now -- gone to visit my grandchildren. Maybe I'll be back later, 
but I'm an old woman, so maybe I won't. 

- Chizelli Puddlestump, Professional Charmer
In the jewelry box
Item Price Done
simple pewter charm bracelet 800   
copper rope charm bracelet 800   No
wide platinum charm bracelet 45,000   No
twisted brass charm bracelet 1,000   
heavy silver charm bracelet 2,000   No
gold filigree charm bracelet 6,000   
In the sparkling crystal coffer
Item Price Done
tiny crystal lens charm 500   
silver Empath charm 650   
sparkling gold sunburst charm 1,250   !!
azurite Thief charm 586   
tiny gold arrow charm 1,127   
skeletal asketine-veined leaf charm 100   
indakar-eyed cat charm 300   
In the velvet-lined empath charm case in the cabinet
Item Price Done
gnarled amber cebi root charm 1,000   
dainty silver plovik leaf charm 1,000   
delicate gold ring charm 1,500   
open golden hand charm 2,000   No
amethyst jadice flower charm 2,500   
polished jade riolur leaf charm 2,200   
faceted ruby heart charm 3,000   
In the velvet-lined trader case in the cabinet
Item Price Done
opal mule charm 3,000   No
gilded crate charm 500   No
gold-etched contract charm 500   No
tiny silver caravan charm 500   No
silver-edged lirum charm 500   No
gold-swirled kronar charm 500   No
copper-edged dokora charm 500   No
In the velvet-lined warrior case in the cabinet
Item Price Done
menacing adan'f mage charm 1,000   No
dark grey rock troll charm 1,000   No
amber cougar charm 2,000   
emerald wood troll charm 7,000   No
bronze breastplate charm 800   No
silver broadsword charm 1,000   No
gold and ruby falchion charm 4,000   No
platinum shield charm 10,500   No
In the velvet-lined fae case in the cabinet
Item Price Done
driftwood nixie charm 800   No
jasper selkie charm 1,000   
turquoise nyad charm 1,200   No
silver welkin charm 1,000   No
gold enameled fire sprite charm 1,500   
oak dryad charm 200   No
painted wood mermaid charm 300   
In the velvet-lined bardic case in the cabinet
Item Price Done
gold-stringed harp charm 3,000   
porcelain song scroll charm 800   
carved jasper wren charm 1,500   
painted wood drum charm 1,000   
tiny ruby phoenix charm 4,000   
crystal fife charm 1,500   
silver lute charm 1,000   
In the velvet-lined survival case in the cabinet
Item Price Done
fuzzy brown skin charm 800   
silver arrow charm 800   No
fragile glass dolphin charm 250   No
silver lock charm 800   No
carved ivory rope charm 800   No
bronze bolt charm 800   No
ironwood crossbow charm 800   
ebony longbow charm 800   
tin-plated lockpick charm 800   No