Champren's Empath Emporium

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Champren's Empath Emporium
Event Theren Festival 1
Owner Sadiya
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Empath shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Cambrinth shops, Magic shops, Jewelry shops, Shield shops
This store only accepts Lirums

Main Room

[Champren's Empath Emporium, Main Room]
The coppery tang of old blood lingers in the air of this tent, which doubles as a makeshift infirmary during the times its owner, Sadiya, isn't preoccupied selling empath-oriented merchandise. Aprons are folded upon the large cotton cots, while aromatic medicinal and tip pouches are arranged neatly on a nearby table. You also see a tent flap.
Obvious exits: north, east, northeast.

On the cotton cots
Item Price Done
bright red foraging apron with the words "Hug the Empath!" sewn across the front in white block lettering 3,245   !!
mangy umber foraging apron stitched with the words "Male Empaths: Elanthia's true warriors!" 1,835   !!
crisp white foraging apron lined with satin and painted with a unicorn over the front pocket 3,845   
pale green foraging apron appliqued with riolur leaves arranged in a star pattern 3,124   
On the table
Item Price Done
red and white striped tip pouch 1,835   
braided leather tip belt tooled with the Empath's Guild crest 3,845   
forest green suede herb pouch embossed with tiny juniper berries 2,245   
midnight-black herb pouch pinioned with blood-red iera flowers 2,145   

Display Area

[Champren's Empath Emporium, Display Area]
Festive red and white ribbons adorn the ceiling of this tent corner, accenting the rainbow of clothing items underneath. Healers' vestments are elegantly displayed by a group of skeletal mannequins in the corner. Impishly grinning skulls from each of the eleven races are arranged on a nearby table, exhibiting Sadiya's headwear. You also see a shield rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south, east.

On the skeletal mannequins
Item Price Done
crimson silk caftan with dagged sleeves streaked with white 3,000   
light blue floor-length caftan embroidered on the sleeves with golden jadice flowers 3,500   !!
white oilcloth caftan embroidered on the yoke with pale green elm leaves 4,000   
On the skulls
Item Price Done
white linen coif 2,400   No
scarlet tall hat turned up the sides to reveal an indigo brim 3,835   No
wide-brimmed straw hat decorated with geshiloira flowers 3,380   No
floppy periwinkle hat with miniscule daisies embroidered on the liripipe 3,525   No
On the shield rack
Item Price Done
black steel tower shield accented by a silvery-white metal inlay of the Empath's Guild crest 27,000   !!
sturdy steel-banded buckler etched with hulnik grass curling around the edges 10,800   !!
sturdy steel-banded buckler etched with a star-shaped cluster of plovik leaves 10,800   !!


[Champren's Empath Emporium, Storage]
Assorted crates line the walls, filled with dried herbs and alchemical supplies. In the corner of the tent sits a ceramic urn decorated with green and gold swirls, filled with cambrinth items of all shapes and sizes. A pair of jewelry cases are placed on one of the wooden crates, showcasing a variety of magical accessories for those with discriminating taste.
Obvious exits: west.

In the ceramic urn
Item Price Done
blue-streaked cambrinth ring engraved with tiny clasping hands on the sides 14,800   
elegant hairnet made from platinum wires interspaced with cambrinth flecks 32,000   
cambrinth armband etched with a scene of several Halflings in front of a cottage 35,000   
small cambrinth stone strung on steel wire 3,000   
On the green jewelry case which is on the wooden crate
Item Price Done
earring in the shape of a flame-shrouded alfar avenger 29,745   !!
asketine unicorn pin 8,425   
ruby-encrusted tear-shaped pin 13,000   
golden necklace decorated with a sapphire-encrusted butterfly charm 24,375   
On the blue jewelry case which is on the wooden crate
Item Price Done
Empath "On-duty" button 9,435   No
a note reads:
These buttons possess the special property of shifting from showing "On-duty" to "Off-duty", and vice versa, when they're rubbed. Be wary about rubbing them too often, as they will wear out. --Sadiya

Waiting Room

[Champren's Empath Emporium, Waiting Room]
This waiting area, sectioned off from the rest of the tent with white partitions, seems to be filled with a stark and yet also jovial ambience. A few serfs linger around the crimson tent flap to the outside, preventing everyone but a few empaths from entering. An oak bench and a pristine white cot provide alternatives from sitting on the dirt floors. You also see a serf, a Sadiya list, an important-looking large white sign and a mahogany curtain.
Obvious exits: west, southwest.

I will be doing alterations for those of the Empath profession who have reached the tenth circle in the guild. 
This isn't meant as an affront to those who just joined -- rather, it is to recognize those who have proven 
themselves at least moderately dedicated to the healing arts. I will alter any clothing and pouches bought 
here for a minimal fee, though I regret I will not be able to work on any of the items from the storage room 
-- my specialty is working with clothing, and not with magic.