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There are two types of religious titles. The first type are gained by earning consecutive favors from the same Immortal. One must maintain this number of consecutive favors to maintain the title. The second type are for total number of favors, and it doesn't matter if the favors are from the same Immortal.

Consecutive Favor Titles

Favors Title
2 Neophyte
4 Follower
6 Adherent
8 Devotee
10 Fanatic
15 Disciple (9/26/2018 - confirmed that having this title does NOT mean you have 15 consecutive favors; appears to show up when you have 15 total favors)

Total Favor Titles

Favors Title
3 Saved
6 Believer
9 Favored
12 Pious
15 Devout
20 Partisan
30 Stalwart
30* Fanatic Pedagogue
40 Dedicated
50 Reverent

*Fanatic Pedagogue also requires 250 Scholarship.

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