Busy Bee, The (1)

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The Busy Bee
Event Chris' Mass Festival 396
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Busy Bee, Sales Floor]
Dozens of lit beeswax candles send waves of heat and golden light throughout this cozy little room. A wobbly table leans against one wall next to an equally dilapidated knotty pine sideboard. Three rickety stands are positioned haphazardly in a far corner. An elderly Kaldar clerk shuffles about the room, tidying the wares and carefully tending to the lit candles that dot the oak shelves. You also see a mahogany door, a green stand with some stuff on it, a white stand with some stuff on it and a red stand with some stuff on it.

On the knotty pine sideboard
Item Price Done
Prydaen snowman candle 750   
Rakash snowman candle 750   No
golden-hued pine cone candle 812   No
glittered snow-hare candle 718   No
cherry tart candle 718   No
blueberry tart candle 718   No
cloudberry tart candle 718   No
detailed red fox candle 718   No
grey wolf candle 718   No
murky grey rat candle 718   No
white snowbeast candle 718   No
On the wobbly table
Item Price Done
slumbering grey mouse candle 718   No
glittered evergreen tree candle 718   No
glittered snowflake candle 718   No
silver sphere candle 718   No
golden sphere candle 718   No
Human snowman candle 750   No
Kaldar snowman candle 750   No
gingerbread man candle 750   No
Elf snowman candle 750   No
muddy snowball candle 718   No
white snowbeast candle 718   No
On the green stand
Item Price Done
crimson pillar candle 250   
snowy pillar candle 250   
plum pillar candle 250   
gold pillar candle 250   
silver pillar candle 250   
green pillar candle 250   
On the white stand
Item Price Done
crimson votive candle 250   
snowy votive candle 250   
plum votive candle 250   
gold votive candle 250   
silver votive candle 250   
green votive candle 250   
On the red stand
Item Price Done
crimson beeswax taper 250   
snowy beeswax taper 250   
plum beeswax taper 250   
gold beeswax taper 250   
silver beeswax taper 250   
green beeswax taper 250