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This command is accessible only by those who are part of the ALAE, and even then can only work in the development rooms provided at Grey Wind Manor


Room Utilities

BUILD ROOM - create a new room
BUILD NAME SET {Text} - sets the room's name to {text}
BUILD DAYTEXT SET {Text} - sets the room's full day text
BUILD NIGHTTEXT SET {Text} - sets the room's full night text
BUILD BRIEFDAY SET {Text} - sets the room's brief day text
BUILD BRIEFNIGHT SET {Text} - sets the room's brief night text
BUILD DAYTEXT CLEAR - clears the current room's day text
BUILD NIGHTTEXT CLEAR - clears the current room's night text
BUILD BRIEFDAY CLEAR - clears the current brief day text
BUILD BRIEFNIGHT CLEAR - clears the current brief night text
BUILD VIEW - shows you the current settings for all texts
BUILD HISTORY - allows you to add Bardic recall messaging (NOTE: Does not currently work)

Room Setting Utilities

BUILD ENVIRO - Type for syntax
BUILD CITY LIST - lists out the cities/important spots around the realms
BUILD CITY SET # - sets location settings for the area (gweths, teleporting, etc)

Movement Utilities

BUILD GO {NEXT/PREVIOUS} - moves you to the next/previous room in the area
BUILD GO MANOR - moves you to the lounge in the manor
BUILD GO {PLAYER} - moves you to {PLAYER} if he/she is in ALAE and on ALAE grounds
BUILD GO RETURN - takes you back to where you were before going to another player
BUILD DRILL {direction} - starts tracking for moving {direction} from your current room
BUILD DRILL SET - completes the process and will connect the first room to this one
BUILD DRILL CLEAR {direction} - removes the directional exit from current room only
BUILD PORTAL - creates a portal (doors, arches, paths, etc) for movement
BUILD DESTINATION SET - connects a portal to the room you're in. STUDY a portal for more information.

Item Tools

(Once created, use HELP {ITEM} for further tools.)
BUILD PROP - creates a basic prop for you to mold
BUILD CONTAINER - creates a basic container for you to mold

Other Tools

BUILD QC - Creates your QC manual to review area information. ALL members are able to create this tool. Builders should check their own areas before turning it over for QC.
BUILD NOTE SET {TEXT} - sets a note for the project
BUILD NOTE CLEAR # - removes note # from the project
BUILD STATUS SET {TEXT} - sets the status for the project

Build Enviro

BUILD ENVIRO UNDERGROUND SET - Makes a room underground
BUILD ENVIRO UNDERGROUND CLEAR - Makes a room above ground
BUILD ENVIRO INTERIOR - Toggles a room as being inside or not
BUILD ENVIRO NOFORAGE SET - Makes a room non-forageable
BUILD ENVIRO NOFORAGE CLEAR - Makes a room forageable
BUILD ENVIRO WATER SET - Makes a room a water-based area
BUILD ENVIRO WATER CLEAR - Makes a room a ground-based area
BUILD ENVIRO LUSH (1-10) - Sets the lushness of the area for foraging.
BUILD ENVIRO CURRENT {1-60} - Sets the water speed for a water room.
BUILD ENVIRO DIRECTION {DIRECTION} - Sets the direction of moving water.
BUILD ENVIRO POPULATION {#} - Sets the population for the area to #
BUILD ENVIRO POPULATION LIST - See valid #s for population settings
BUILD ENVIRO DEVELOPMENT {#} - Sets the development for the area to #
BUILD ENVIRO DEVELOPMENT LIST - See valid #s for development settings
BUILD ENVIRO TERRAIN {#} - Sets the terrain for the area to #
BUILD ENVIRO TERRAIN LIST - See valid #s for terrain settings
BUILD ENVIRO GROUND {#} - Sets the ground condition for the area to #
BUILD ENVIRO GROUND LIST - See valid #s for ground settings
BUILD ENVIRO TEMP {#} - Sets the temperature settings for the area to #
BUILD ENVIRO TEMP LIST - See valid #s for temperature settings
BUILD ENVIRO BIOME {#} - Sets the biome settings for the area to #
BUILD ENVIRO BIOME LIST - See valid #s for biome settings

BUILD ENVIRO COPY - Track enviro settings for your current room to copy to another.
BUILD ENVIRO SET - Places the enviro from COPY into your current room.
BUILD ENVIRO RESET - Completely wipes an area's enviro settings

Build Object

Note: Also functions for adjusting portals and containers.

Descriptive Settings

BUILD {OBJECT} ARTICLE {TEXT} - sets the article field to {TEXT} (a/an/the/some/etc)
BUILD {OBJECT} ADJECTIVE {TEXT} - sets the adjective field to {TEXT}
BUILD {OBJECT} NOUN {TEXT} - sets the noun field to {TEXT} - SINGLE WORDS ONLY
BUILD {OBJECT} TAP {TEXT} - sets the appear field to {TEXT}
BUILD {OBJECT} LOOK {TEXT} - sets the examine field to {TEXT}
BUILD {OBJECT} READ {TEXT} - sets the READ to {TEXT} - automatically addes quotes

Object Tweaks

BUILD {OBJECT} DELETE - permanently deletes an item
BUILD {OBJECT} TYPE - sets In/On/Under/Behind values for containers
POINT {OBJECT} - hides and unhides items from view

Portal Tweaks

BUILD {OBJECT} PHRASE LIST - lists movement phrases for portals
BUILD {OBJECT} PHRASE LEAVE # - sets a portal's messaging for leaving via it
BUILD {OBJECT} PHRASE ARRIVE # - sets a portal's messaging for arriving via it
BUILD {OBJECT} DESTINATION START - starts tracking for where a portal leads
BUILD DESTINATION SET - Links a portal to the room you're in
LINK {OBJECT} - starts tracking to link the portal to another portal
---Repeat the command on the destination portal to complete the action.
CLEAN {OBJECT} - clears any previous LINK that was made.