Rituals of Life (book)

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The Rituals of Life

by Esmermella Clenvisteen

INTRODUCTION ............................................. PAGE 1
Rituals ........................................................... PAGE 2

If a ritual you would perform, there are things one must know before you would seek one out. First, that you must be a cleric of good standing with the Lady of the Guild, and that you must have a need within ye to sacrifice and cleanse yourself.

Now then, there are many rituals one may perform, specifically detailed hereforth:

  • The Holy Bath: If you have found yourself unclean and in need of good cleansing, then take ye to a holy pool and there apply such herbs as are deemed by the gods to cleanse, and let yourself be cleansed.
  • Acts of Humility: One who shows their humble desire to please the gods may learn that kneeling and praising the statue of a god of good standing will cause them to achieve some minor attention of the gods.
  • Menial Humility: Cleaning the altars of the gods can bring a kind smile from those who watch over the altars. Of course, one cannot use just any water to wash these altars, for to otherwise is sacrilege unto the sacred and profain!
  • Offerings of Sacred Wyne: Offering the wyne of the gods unto them by pouring it unto their altar can bring about their pleasure.
  • Dance and Poetry: The gods are delighted by the dancing and recitation of their priests, and may grant their grace to those who do honor them in such ways.
  • Dabbing with Holy Water: Dabbing yourself with holy water can bring the pleasure of the gods, verily.
  • Visitation of Shrine: Visitation of shrines is recommended, if for no other reason than to become acquainted with those who you serve.
  • Preaching: Preaching on the greatness of our gods can bring about much favor and grace.
  • Prayer: Prayer unto our deities is, of course, always smiled upon!
  • Silver Bells: Some believe these delicate instruments may enhance prayer.

As a servant unto the gods, I recommend all clerics visit Father Durantine's shop in The Crossing, wherein many tools of our profession can be found.

By my hand,
Esmerella Clenvisteen