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Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Location: Hara'Jaal (Ranik Map 106)
Type: shopowner

Betina is the owner of Betina's Baubles in the Hara'jaal Enclave.


Unnaturally bright red hair frames a pockmarked and powdered face. A black, heart-shaped, velvet patch is glued just below her left eye. Her gaze flows over you, assessing your worth in a single glance. Her voluptuous body strains the seams of a tawdry green gown with its low slung bodice. The dozens of necklaces, bracelets and rings she wears, clink and jingle as she sashays about the shop.


  • A drunken sailor enters with an arm thrown casually about a dubious looking woman. Betina winks at the woman and cackles gleefully. She quickly rushes to the sailor and takes his other arm then guides him to a display case. "Blimey, Gov'na! What a foin catch ye hae here. Now, let me help ye foind the liedy som'n 'at shows her ya cares."
  • A well-dressed man enters the establishment and looks around in distaste. Betina smooths down her wrinkled and well-worn gown while walking toward the man with a hip-swinging approach. "Well, ain't ye a dandy lookin' bloke. Wot can I shows ya', Gov'na?" She smiles one of her wolfish smiles while the man makes a hasty retreat from the shop.
  • Betina arranges a few items while humming an odd tune.
  • Betina laughs and winks suggestively at one of the Gor'Tog guards who appears rather bored with her charms. She slaps him hard, leaving a hand print on his cheek. Growling low in the back of his throat the guard pulls her to his chest and kisses her soundly. Betina giggles oddly then wanders off to fiddle with a trinket lying on a tray.