Bethny's Fine Jewelry

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Bethny's Fine Jewelry
Event Shard Liberation Festival
Owner Bethny
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Bethny's Fine Jewelry, Wagon]
The owner of this stout wagon appears to be a lover of birds and flowers. The walls are covered in fine etchings of all manner of birds, while pillows and curtains are embroidered with a profusion of colorful flowers. A neatly scripted sign upon a counter reads, "Be Welcome - Bethny's Fine Jewelry." You also see a crystal shelf with some stuff on it, a tall silverwood stand with some stuff on it, and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the crystal shelf
Item Price Done
band of sterling silver wrapped with decorative gold wire 9,020   
thin platinum band embedded with a sparkling dove diamond 162,360   
pair of braided rings crafted from leather and suede 2,706   
On the silverwood stand
Item Price Done
platinum brooch inlaid with the profile of a Gnome woman 279,620   
ivory brooch carved with the profile of a Human woman 10,824   
silver brooch inlaid with the profile of a large Gor'Tog 8,118   
onyx brooch carved with the image of a S'Kra Mur 39,868   
On the oak counter
Item Price Done
platinum earcuff inlaid with an onyx duck 126,280   
gold earcuff engraved with the profile of a hawk 14,432   
pair of iris-shaped earrings crafted of sea blue crystal 1,353   
pair of butterfly earrings crafted from sapphires and pearls 36,982   
strand of black pearls clasped with a diamond raven 52,595   
pink crystal rose pendant hung from a delicate silver chain 4,059   
delicate platinum chain necklace with a dark crystal nightshade blossom 62,616   
fine gold chain adorned with an amber hawk pendant 47,019   
black suede choker embroidered with silvery orchids along its length 405   
pair of white gold earrings shaped like gnarled oak trees 36,440