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Event Web Festival
Owner Behyra
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Behyra's, Shade]
Soft moss muffles footsteps and low hanging branches provide a discreet setting for Behyra's visit. The only sounds are the quiet clink of coins and furtive murmers of customers whispering. An assistant handles the sales as Behyra silently watches from a battered tent shelter. Swathed in deep purple robes, gloved and veiled, only his -- perhaps her -- vibrant violet eyes are visible. A wobbly wooden folding table holds some tagged pouches and lockpick cases hang from a nail in a nearby tree. You also see a mossy path and an ironwood tree with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: none.

On the wobbly wooden folding table
Item Price Done
tan leather hip pouch hand-tooled with a panther stalking a buck - Contains a lockpick tipped with a boar's tusk carved to resemble a grasping hand 7,000   !!
black velvet hip pouch embroidered with gold stars depicting the Shrike - Contains a lockpick tipped with a cabochon onyx centered in an oval field of diamonds 13,750   !!
azure hip pouch with the image of cresting waves picked out in crystal beading - Contains lockpick tipped with scrimshaw depicting lemicus cavorting with dolphins 5,625   
forest green suede hip pouch embossed with entwined ivy leaves - Contains a silvery lockpick with a singing nightingale's image etched along the side 7,750   !!
On the ironwood tree
Item Price Done
lockpick case with a detailed painting of the western mountains 2,125   !!
marquetry lockpick case handcrafted with an inlaid design of a mariner's compass 2,750   !!
darkened metal lockpick case 2,000   !!