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Beaumont Chesterfield
Status: Alive
Aliases: Monty
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: alterer, shopowner, merchant

Beaumont Chesterfield is the owner of The Male Persuasion.

Appearance at Festival of the Gods, 392

You see Beaumont Chesterfield, a Human Commoner.
Beaumont has crystal blue eyes. His golden hair is short and wavy, and is worn tousled. He has rosy skin.
He is young for a Human.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a white cloth cravat patterned with pearly arabesques, a damask longcoat with contrasting shades of deep ultramarine and dark grey, an exquisite nightsilk haversack, a smooth watchet silk shirt with matte silver cuff buttons, a thin black leather belt with small silver-rimmed holes, a pair of pressed steel-grey pants laced with neat platinum cording and a pair of simple slate-grey shoes with supple leather soles.


Beaumont is fastidious. During his alteration sessions, he displayed extraordinary concern for those with food and drink in his establishment. Diansine Marindra calls him "Monty".

Examples of Alteration Work

You tap a sandy beige linen cloak brightened by platinum threadwork that you are wearing.
Shimmering like a desert mirage, the grand trade city of Muspar'i spreads across the back of the lightweight garment. A rugged sand barge pulled by huge yeehar approaches a male Dwarf at the massive entry gates, the creatures' sinuous lines appearing to ripple in silvery hues with the cloak's every movement. Crowning the image, the majestic sun rises behind the great Silver Spire. With textured scales and detailed wings, a matte gold dragon curls around a huge ruby to serve as a clasp at the collar.
There appears to be something written on it.
A sandy beige linen cloak reads:
"Jewel of the Desert"

You tap a sleek cloak meticulously tailored of lampblack-hued wool that you are wearing.
Sewn with invisible seams so as to appear a single fluid length, the fabric is cut to flow off the shoulders, blurring the motions of the wearer. A polished animite tax collector's badge hangs from the breast pocket. Elegant script upon the metal reveals the words "Minister of Funds," with the "o" in "of" replaced by a silver Kronar.

You tap a red steelsilk bowtie pinned with a phantom sapphire that you are wearing.
A soft, silvery sheen brightens the fabric's surface, giving it a glossy feel and look. Tiny black lockpicks, barely visible within the steelsilk bunches, are shadow-embroidered for subtle decoration. Cinching the accessory in the middle, the faceted jewel scintillates wildly amidst the crimson folds. In the night's semidarkness, the phantom sapphire exhibits a midnight blue hue.