Battle Bards

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Battle Bards
Event Wren Faire
# of Rooms 1
Store Type armor shops, weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Battle Bards]
Leather, chain links and metal plates are scattered haphazardly all over the interior of this wagon, making quite the mess. The interior wood walls and ceiling are completely scarred as though someone continuously threw weapons and other large, heavy objects at them.
You also see a tattered sign, an armor stand with some stuff on it, a weapon rack with some stuff on it, an ammunition basket, and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

A tattered sign reads:

"The armor lets bards do a bit of special stuff.  
I ain't finished with me inventory yet, this is jus' a preview.  
I'll be back again someday when I finish me stuff."
On the armor stand
Item Price Done
fine chain hauberk painted with multi-colored diamonds 19,844   No
padded leathers painted with multi-colored diamonds 10,373   !!
polished plate painted with multi-colored diamonds 90,089   No
heavy chain mail painted with multi-colored diamonds 32,472   No
supple bardic blue leathers embossed with a bronze wren 10,373   !!
metallic red plate embossed with a golden phoenix 90,089   
blackened hauberk emblazoned with a silvery heron 19,844   
On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
cured leather sling stitched with musical notes 721   No
polished heavy crossbow set with nacre musical notes 13,530   No
ebonwood short bow set with an ivory arrow plate shaped like a musical note 5,412   No
In the ammunition basket
Item Price Done
blunt wren-feather bolts ?   No
needle-tip wren-feather bolts ?   No
wren-feather arrows ?   !!