Bardic Basics

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Bardic Basics
Festival Wren Faire
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Bard shops, Container shops, Clothing shops, Miscellaneous shops, Music shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Bardic Basics]
An eccentric collection of beads, feathers, cloth, and other items hang from every bit of this tent. Dozens of songbirds hang overhead among puffy cotton clouds, while the crystal beads around the walls catch the light from various gaethzen spheres around the area.
You also see a large colorful sign, a squat barrel with some stuff on it, a hat rack with some stuff on it, a book shelf with some stuff on it, a large trunk labeled "PROPS", a case display with some stuff on it, a wide counter with some stuff on it, a round cloth-covered table with some stuff on it, a supplies basket, a hanging net, a throwing dagger target with some stuff on it, a large wardrobe, a padded pedestal with some stuff on it, an exit flap, a toe bell tree with some stuff on it, a mannequin with some stuff on it and a candy jar.
Obvious exits: none.

On the wide counter
Item Price Done
soft colorful haversack adorned with gauzy ribbons and crystal beads 1,984   
soft colorful backpack adorned with gauzy ribbons and crystal beads 1,533   
elegant white mesh backpack with dangling onyx musical note charms 1,623   
ale-stained journey pack 451   
woven brown backpack crafted to resemble a wren's nest 2,255   
sky blue haversack with cottony cloud-shaped patches 3,157   
faded black haversack crafted from a tattered skull and crossbones flag 1,804   
soft leather haversack embroidered with a shimmering dragon playing a lute 3,608   
soft leather backpack embroidered with a shimmering dragon playing a drum 3,608   
soft leather thigh pouch embroidered with a shimmering dragon playing a hunting horn 1,353   
beaded leather rucksack embroidered with a bard by a waterfall 5,412   
night black traveler's pack embroidered with a heron in a marsh 6,314   
sturdy leather rucksack emblazoned with a brilliant red and gold phoenix 7,216   
large acorn-shaped bag with a braided leather strap 1,082   
cow-print haversack 2,255   
On the book shelf
Item Price Done
travel-worn songbook 54,243   
smooth leather songbook set with semi-precious gems in the cover 72,160   
colorful songbook crafted from diamond-shaped silk patches 63,140   
thick leather songbook covered with dangling beads and feathers 63,140   
salt-stained leather songbook 54,571   
On the case display
Item Price Done
large woodwind case 2,255   
travel-worn songbook satchel 902   !!
large case adorned with sparkling crystal beads and fluttering gauzy ribbons 1,443   
elegant flute case inlaid with fine goldbark 3,608   
white silk long pouch stitched to resemble a slender heron 721   
velvet-lined woodwind pouch decorated with fluttering ribbons 1,804   
leather drum pouch covered with patches crafted from ruined drum skins 1,533   
wooly medium case crafted to resemble a sheep 902   
small case stitched to resemble a turnip 451   
narrow oak woodwind tube carved to resemble a tree 1,804   
In the candy jar
Item Price Done
spun sugar whistle 90   
In the hanging net
Item Price Done
fuzzy turnips 721   
miniature ivory skulls 3,608   
miniature oak juggling kegs 3,157   
miniature iron juggling tankards 3,157   
miniature pirate ships 3,608   
colorful gypsy scarves 451   
multi-hued silk diamonds 451   
blue glass bottles 1,353   
On the hat rack
Item Price Done
dashingly feathered hat 225   
gaudy hat covered with fake silk flowers 270   
vivid purple hat with a long peacock feather tucked in its band 270   
salt-stained pirate hat painted with a white skull and crossbones 135   
crushed velvet hat embroidered with tiny purple buds 270   
woven felt hat crafted to resemble a wren's nest 270   
jaunty red beret 225   
In the large trunk
Item Price Done
plush turnip 270   
straight pin 22   
plush brown spotted cow with a brass bell around its neck 270   
giant wooden greatsword 4,510   
tiny pair of spectacles 90   
troll leg bone 225   
smooth plank 90   
stick 22   
wooden Kronar 90   
wooden Lirum 90   
wooden Dokora 90   
stuffed chubby brown rat 270   
worn leather traveler's journal 2,817   
rusty medal 135   
gilt-edged leather book embossed with the word "Stories" on the cover 2,817   
crystal snowflake 360   
small felt pirate 541   
small felt gypsy 541   
small conch shell 270   
dull glass marble painted to resemble an eye 37   
woolen sock 180   
frayed noose 180   
small black flag painted with a skull and crossbones 270   
rainbow-swirled glass marble 37   
long iron nail 90   
sun-bleached skull 721   
soft golden star 90   
green glass bottle 180   
delicate blown-glass quill with a rainbow of dangling beads 1,353   
narrow bone quill etched with a skull and crossbones 902   
long peacock feather quill 1,894   
silver spoon 270   
wooden toy sword 451   
brown chicken feather 202   
plush orange fluffy bunny with a blue puffball tail 270   
old brick 180   
spiral vase 225   
silk flowers 360   
old scrolls tied with ribbon 180   
silk blade of grass 9   
round black disc 180   
old grimoire 2,817   
puffy cotton cloud 270   
plush green tree frog 180   
crude painting 902   
small Glythtide statue 902   
miniature brass wheelbarrow 180   
miniature brass bucket 180   
miniature brass kettle 180   
faceted crystal bead 45   
string of colorful glass beads 270   
scrap of cloth 27   
miniature brass sink 480   
plush long-eared tan dog with a sky blue collar 451   
small plush wren 270   
In the large wardrobe
Item Price Done
dark blue fur-lined cloak emblazoned with a fiery red phoenix 7,047   
dark blue fur-lined boots with gold phoenix buckles 3,157   
night black silk-lined cloak embroidered with a sleek white heron 7,047   
night black boots with silver heron-shaped buckles 2,525   
forest green velvet-lined cloak embroidered with a chubby wren 7,047   
forest green boots with bronze wren-shaped buckles 1,804   
finely tailored shirt with gold phoenix buttons 2,706   
finely tailored shirt with silver heron buttons 1,804   
finely tailored shirt with bronze wren buttons 1,353   
sunset red cloak stitched with a howling wolf 7,047   
sunset red boots with steel wolf-shaped buckles 1,984   
finely tailored shirt with steel wolf buttons 1,082   
dark blue trousers 902   
night black trousers 902   
sunset red trousers 902   
forest green trousers 902   
white silk shirt embroidered with black musical notes 1,353   
On the mannequin
Item Price Done
colorful patchwork dancing skirt 4,510   
gauzy dancing skirt adorned with tiny bells suspended from spidersilk cords 7,216   
diaphanous crimson gossamer skirt resplendent with golden scarves 7,035   
deep ebony gossamer skirt woven with a sinuous sweep of glittering silver threads 7,125   
layered silk skirt with a spiraling pattern of climbing ivy 6,314   
pleated dancing skirt embroidered with golden musical notes 6,765   
multi-layered dancing skirt 4,510   
On the padded pedestal
Item Price Done
polished oak music box inlaid with gold 117,260   
pale ashwood music box inlaid with silver 99,220   
rich mahogany music box inlaid with bronze 90,200   
On the cloth-covered table
Item Price Done
silverwillow repair kit inlaid with diamond-shaped glass tiles 902   
dark ebonwood repair kit set with an ivory skull and crossbones 1,623   
intricately inlaid repair kit 1,353   
buffed brown repair kit inlaid with a mahogany wren 1,353   
polished repair kit inlaid with a goldbark phoenix 1,804   
soft chamois cloth embroidered with a labyrinthine pattern 180   
soft chamois cloth covered with diamond-shaped silk patches 180   
soft chamois cloth edged with tiny seed beads 180   
On the squat barrel
Item Price Done
ale-stained keg 9,959   !!
brass-edged mahogany keg 15,281   
wide gold flask shaped like a majestic phoenix 11,808   
elongated silver flask shaped like a sleeping heron 6,314   
rounded brass flask shaped like a chubby wren 4,059   
In the supplies basket
Item Price Done
repair kit refill 270   
set of four silk strings 270   
set of twenty-four strings 1,172   
set of twelve strings 902   
set of seven strings 721   
set of six strings 451   
doumbec skin 541   
naqqara skin 451   
tambourine skin 180   !!
bodhran skin 225   
temple drum skin 811   
On the toe bell tree
Item Price Done
white and purple enameled toe bells crafted to resemble miniature turnips 5,863   
polished silver toe bells enameled a bright bardic blue 5,412   
polished toe bells with multi-colored enameled jester diamonds 6,314   
polished brass toe bells shaped like miniature acorns 4,510   
matte copper toe bells shaped like baby rosebuds 4,059   
polished silver toe bells enameled with violet morning glories 5,412   
tiny gold toe bells engraved with moons and stars 9,020   
On the dagger target
Item Price Done
brushed steel throwing dagger 1,804   
narrow throwing dagger with a spiral-carved jade hilt 4,510   
steel throwing dagger etched with musical notes along the blade 3,608   !!!!
fine steel throwing dagger with an intricate scrimshaw hilt 4,059