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Bardic Academy

A loose association of Bards, Mentors, and like-minded instrumentalists to ensure new bards get direct access to learning, instruments, and items related to the Bardic profession.


Wait, the Bard shelf is empty again? I just put 10 plat worth of nice instruments on there? Where'd they all go?! We had a history of several young bards show up, clean the shelf off and leave. They'd never talk to us, they never played instruments with us, never listened to a class. We just didn't know why they would do this, when the goodies we put on the shelf was meant for all young bards to use, not just the few who could show up first and grab everything. Many new players just starting as bards would take a peek in the guildhall and not realize the shelf was full of goodies for them as well.


Instead of wasting her time and money putting stuff on the shelf that was just going to be swiped and pawned. Some very nice instrument cases do cost a plat each to buy. Founder, Sircha Rankmere decided that she was just going to hang onto her plats and when a new bard or two showed up she'd simply take them down to the local Bard Shop in Crossings, Riverhaven, and Leth Deriel and make sure they got some decent bard clothes, instrument case, repair kit, cambrinth, and a few song scrolls of their own.

A lot of people thought this was a fantastic idea, and before Sircha knew it the Academy was flooded with donations and volunteers to give to other new and young bards.


Members of the Bardic Academy are asked to volunteer to teach new bards the following skills: Primary Magic, Parry, Vocals, Musical Theory, Light Chain, Light Thrown. Typically 10 minutes for each skill and then rotate the class is ideal and necessary learning for a new bard.

The Bardic Academy is founded in the principle of giving of one's own time, resources, and aid to ensure a good start for each profession.

Academy symbol

The sign of the Bardic Academy is a pelican piercing it's own breast to feed the young.


There is no evidence that this organization ever reached past the planning stages.

"I made some tough choices when deciding the layout of the Bardic Academy, the Bardic Academy is to remain 'in the planning stages' so that all of Elanthia could join the Bardic Academy. We are unrestricted in membership, any member of any order, any family, any guild, including Commoners may join or leave at any time. The Academy is meant to remain a simple organization with few politics, no officers, nor captains. The only three classifications are: Founder, Teacher, Master-Teacher. There is little advancement, no ribbons, and little recognition. Saying your a member of the Bardic Academy and teaching it's principles in truth is enough to be considered a Teacher. Each Teacher is responsible for donating his/her time, and resources to the cause of the Bardic Academy." ~~Sircha, Founder.