Banabu Garam's Jeweled Exquise

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Banabu Garam's Jeweled Exquise
Festival Shard Festival 1
Owner Banabu Garam
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Shield shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Banabu Garam's Jeweled Exquise]
Strings of colorful beads sway from the oak rafters of this small booth. The pungent but pleasant aroma of burning cebi root emerges from a brass censer. Dressed in white robes, the S'kra Mur trader Banabu Garam languidly fans himself as he oversees the sale of his exotic merchandise.
You also see a black mannequin with some stuff on it, a cedarwood partition, a white mannequin with some stuff on it, a walnut shelf with some stuff on it, a white-veined marble table and a nonflying wooden yak with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the wooden yak
Item Price Done
green crystal tikka shaped like a tiny arrow 1,443   
blood red baloyun fashioned from a hollowed-out boar tusk 902   
small tikka festooned with elaborate silver ivywork 1,443   
six-strand silver ultik sprinkled with star-cut wine-colored garnets 1,623   
darkly translucent amber tikka encasing a green scarab beetle 1,443   
Do not be afraid, please. This yak is most assuredly the nonflying kind. Everything the yak is wearing can be purchased, here. The tikkas are small hair ornmanets, the baloyuns are broad, thick bracelets, and the ultiks are magnificent necklaces, yes.
On the marble table
Item Price Done
silver kathla of nine delicately carved turquoise plates depicting events surrounding the life of Eluned 2,593   
silver kathla of nine expertly enameled plates that depict events surrounding the life of Damaris 2,525   
silver kathla of ten expertly enameled plates that depict events surrounding the life of Hodierna 2,660   
silver kathla of eight expertly enameled grey plates that depict events surrounding the life of Meraud 2,796   
silver kathla of ten exquisitely carved agate panels that depict events surrounding the life of Hav'roth 2,751   
silver kathla of nine expertly enameled turquoise plates that depict events surrounding the life of Glythtide 2,706   
silver kathla of nine expertly enameled plates that depict events surrounding the life of Truffenyi 2,525   
My kathlas are among the best in the land! They are like charm bracelets, but for the neck. Only the best metal chains and plates are used by my artisans.
On the walnut shelf
Item Price Done
platinum chain baleora bearing a claw pendant with a green malachite ball in its taloned grasp 4,329   
glittering gold torque attached to a delicately incised spherical bell 3,382   
silver double-strand baleora with opalescent blossom pendant 2,164   
four-strand copper utlik bespangled with seed bells 2,525   
gleaming silver torque with a diamond-cut obsidian drop pendant 2,255   
Greetings and good luck to you. Everything on this shelf will do something when you tap and touch it. Baeloras are necklaces made from tightly segmented chains of precious metals, yes, each link so closely bound to its colleagues that they flow as one. To find out about utliks, take a look upon my yak!
On the white mannequin
Item Price Done
gleaming silver circlet delicately engraved with sinuous vinery 1,172   
white silken cape lined with thick snowbeast fur 1,713   
hip length white calfshide boots 1,623   
rope belt woven from rainbow-colored nemoih strands 902   
billowing white satin pantaloons edged with seed pearls along the outer seams 2,345   
On the black mannequin
Item Price Done
black tower shield emblazoned with a wounded white unicorn rampant over an enormous red moon 360   !!
brillant red satin doublet stitched tightly with midnight black raven's feathers 2,255   
black cape made of well-cured panther leather 1,353   
billowing black satin pantaloons edged with flame red piping 2,164   
delicate silver eyelid piece shaped like a wizened claw 451   
midnight black tunic slashed and imbedded with yellowed leucro fangs 1,894