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Precious with silvery, lirum coin-sized leaves that in a breeze make soft fluttering sounds reminiscent to chimes. The ban-minahle are about the size of a young aspen with many of the same qualities -- the papery bark and the thin leaves. The most distinct difference is that the leaves of the ban-minahle have a much brighter -- almost metallic -- silver tone to them, resulting in the coin-like quality that earned the plant its name.

As a wood, ban-minahle has a silvery sheen to it.

This wood is considered common and is not required for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Blackened steel poignard with a ban-minahle hiltCutting Edge (4)true
Blackened thick-bladed fan with a ban-minahle gripCutting Edge (4)true
Charcoal-grey khaddar waistcoat with polished ban-minahle buttonsHouse of the Revenant Fang 422true
Cup-hilt dueling rapier with an intricately nielloed bladetrue
Gleaming ban-minahle dice with donkey-shaped pipsHollow Eve Festival 428 Raffle Centertrue
Polished steel throwing dagger with a ban minahle hiltCutting Edge (4)true
Silvery ban-minahle warhorn painted with multi-colored musical notesBardic Journey (4)Bardic Journey (5)true
Stout ban-minahle keg banded by gleaming steelsilk cordstrue