Bamboo Hut (1)

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Bamboo Hut (1)
Festival Return to Taisidon
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms Unknown
Store Type Weapon shops, General shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums
Page 1 - Island Weapons
Item Price Done
Bamboo staff - A quarter staff weapon as handsome as it is strong ?   
Cane-hilted katar - Nicely sharpened steel set in a sturdy bamboo hilt 1,500   
Pressed bamboo club - A fine and dense medium blunt club ?   
Page 2 - Island Containers
Item Price Done
Wide bamboo case - Perfect case for the bamboo flute. (See page four.) 665   
Narrow bamboo vase - Good for holding tropical flowers! ?   
Small bamboo box - A nice box to hold trinkets from the island in. ?   
Woven palm frond bag - Carefully woven to provide years of use. ?   
Dried coconut purse - Small, but the height of island fashion! ?   
Page 3 - Island Wearables
Item Price Done
Carved bamboo bracelet - Old island symbols are carved along the bracelet. ?   
Bamboo comb - Inlaid with island shells to add beauty and strength. ?   
Smooth bamboo hairpin - Carved carefully to securely hold any island style. ?   
Grass skirt - Made with grasses from the jungle! See page five for types. ?   
Woven reed sandals - Deceptively comfortable! ?   
Page 4 - Island Souvenirs
Item Price Done
Bamboo blowgun - A non-working decoration. Perfect souvenir of your trip! ?   
Bamboo flute - A cute little instrument to remember your stay by! 400   
Coconut bowl - Brings back thoughts of the island cuisine with each bite! 150   
Bamboo wish stick - Said to be lucky by natives, management makes no guarantees! 95   
Palm leaf fan - Use this to make a refreshing breeze on those hot island days 760   
Page 5 - Grass Types
(Only for grass skirts)