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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime


You see Aveda, Legendary Bard of the Ilithi Infantry, an Elf.
Aveda has pointed ears and jade eyes. Her bright orange hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn loose, tucked behind her ears. She has fair skin and a slender figure.
She is young for an Elf.
She has a tattoo of a bleeding heart on her wrist.

She is wearing a shadowy black hooded cloak, a black mage's robe, a Nisha short bow, a somber black backpack and some soft black half-boots.


Aveda was born into poverty in the southern outskirts of Zoluren. She and her beloved older brother, Avedor, were taught family hymns and traditional Ilithic folk songs by their mother, Heda, and together became known for singing stunning duets for aging and dying members of their small community. Their father, Varimor, was a fair violinist and an apprentice to an inept blacksmith. When Aveda was still in adolescence, he was drafted into a militia, but was killed in a skirmish not long after.

Determined to provide for his family, Avedor set out into the west to seek fortune in the mines of Forfedhdar, leaving his sister with his most prized posession: an ironwood ring. When a year had passed without word from Avedor, Heda began weaving and selling baskets to earn a living.

It was around this time that Aveda, with the aid of the village elder, learned to speak the common tongue. She became fascinated by the outside world as she listened to the stories of passing merchants, and vowed to see the furthest reaches of the continent when she was older, though her dreams were often dashed by the reality of her family's situation. However, Heda saw hope in her daughter, and one day gathered what modest savings she had and outfitted Aveda for travel, giving her enough money to make her way north to The Crossing.

Though receiving quite a culture shock from such a large city, Aveda arrived filled with resolve and joined the Bards' Guild under the leader Silvyrfrost. While sharpening her natural musical abilities, she learned the ways of combat and discovered she had an uncanny connection to the magical world.

Her career carried her north to Therengia, where she met her first love, and then to the islands of Qi Reshalia. She became enamoured with the port city of Ratha and had found her fortune as a "freelance bouncer" in a sleazy tavern.

Full of pride, Aveda returned across the ocean and bought her mother a fine house, complete with livestock and a vegetable field, and even hired a pair of locals as sharecroppers. It was also at this time that she purchased Wendy, a beautiful mare of brown and black.

When her bonded spouse had left her, Aveda sought solitude on the mysterious island of M'Riss where, under the skilled tutelage of the world-renowned bard Mickalai, she became powerful enough to persue her ultimate life's mission to discover what became of her brother.

Arriving in Harbinhvidar and quite lost, Aveda was thrilled to find that her familiar leader Yaziyi had transferred to the city's guild, and he helped her devise a plan to search the province for information. She initiated an exploration of every crevice of Forfedhdar, but after nearly a year, she resigned defeated and extremely heartbroken, returning to M'Riss.

However, Aveda soon learned of great opportunity in Ilithi, the land of her ancestors, and she crossed the ocean once more to venture into the deep south of the mainland. After inadvertently aiding in the defense of the city of Shard from the Dragon Priests, she found new purpose and joined the local militia.