Augstawne Relics

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These items are in holding of the Augstawne Girene Dzirta and are considered to be relics to their membership:

TAP some deep green combat leathers with riveted silver pauldrons
LOOK The leathers are thick enough to protect the user from harm but supple enough to offer freedom of movement. Shallow gashes show that heavy combat and harsh weather have taken their toll on the armor. Closer inspection shows a wolf with a long scar marring its left eye and an emerald collar embellishing one of the pauldrons. Etched on the collar hanging from the wolf's neck is "Rezzinis".

TAP a thick ivory mourning collar dangling a two-faced Katamba pendant
LOOK Expertly tooled into the surface of the ivory are several scenes picturing a large traveling group of Rakash. Some of the group has crutches, some are sporting splints and still some are carried on the shoulders of others. The pendant dangles casually from the middle of the collar and is made of dull onyx displaying a full Katamba bordered by a thick gold frame. On the reverse is the same carving upon a gold setting, paying homage to Katamba's former glory.

TAP a dashing forest green silk sash with an emerald-set ivory clasp
LOOK Designed to wrap the waist several times before spilling down from the hip in a pair of short tails, the sash is thickly layered to provide padding for heavy weapons belts. A large square-shaped ivory clasp holds the fit tightly, preventing any shifting during activities. Carved onto its face is a pair of twin crossed spears overlapped by a large emerald wolf's paw.

TAP a detailed silver spear-shaped band with a crested ivory tip
LOOK Carved into the broad ivory tip is a crest with a pair of crossed spears overlapped by an emerald wolf paw. Etched down the silver band is a diminutive scene depicting a moonskinned Rakash spearman running alongside a pack of wolves. A string of letters are engraved on the inside of the ring. There appears to be something written on it.
READ A silver spear-shaped band reads: "Augstawne"