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Augrawans NoRoken'Vilks
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime
Relatives Khearkrash




You have a pointy-eared face with a downturned scar on each side of the mouth, twitching red eyes, a squared muzzle and yellowing teeth, a tan and silvered black coat with silvered black masking, a stubby tail and a brawny build.

You are surprisingly tall for a Rakash.

You are an underdog.

You have a pair of smooth glitvire-framed goggles resting across the bridge of your nose. Tinted the palest shade of green, cable chains wrap around the protruding crystal lenses before overlaying the adjustable diamond-hide straps.


You are wearing a rolled brim thornweave hat with a decorative green jaspe band, a nightsilk scarf with various faces swirling across its surface, a sturdy dark thornweave longcoat fastened with three diamond-hide straps, a small mouse snare woven out of lacewood twigs, a dark ship rat, a trim silverweave cassock strung with carved adderwood beads, a pitted iron survival knife with a blighted gold handle, a sinuous leather bullwhip and some thick leather boots with alshabi stone and kertig buckles.