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The Assassins Game is a CvC game where you are assigned a target to kill and are assigned to someone else as their target. You get rewards of coin for completing your assigned assassination.


  • ASSASSIN JOIN - Join the Assassins game.
  • ASSASSIN LEAVE - Leave the Assassins game, provided you are allowed.
  • ASSASSIN LIST - List all of the people playing the game.
  • ASSASSIN STATUS - Get some basic information about your role in the Assassins game.
  • ASSASSIN REQUEST (online) - Request a new target. The online option tries to give you a target that is currently in game.
  • ASSASSIN ABANDON - Abandon your current target.
  • ASSASSIN INVESTIGATE [person] - Investigates whether or not a player is targeting you. Can be used once per day.


See the page on the assassin game for more in depth rules, strategies and bugs.