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Status: Alive
Aliases: Voice of the Grey
Guild: Thief
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown

The voice of the Grey. Wears a demon mask to disguise himself.


Asesino, Voice of the Grey.
He is wearing a twisted demon mask. Gaunt skin is stretched tightly over his skin, and tiny yellowed horns stick out from the forehead. Utterly suave and sophisticated, he smiles with charm and class, a thick, well-groomed mane of black hair hanging down his back. Sanguine eyes glitter with confidence, he has a nicely oiled black goatee and leathern wings that hang straight and tall from his shoulders.
His age is unknown.

He is wearing a fluid grey robe embroidered with a dark grey seal, some grey leather gloves with spiked cuffs and some dark grey leather boots adorned with a string of bronze beads.