Armaments by Sqinth (2)

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Armaments by Sqinth (2)
Event Feast of Eluned 2
Owner Squinth
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Shield shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Armaments by Sqinth]
The somber brown stucco walls of this room are hung with hunting trophies appropriate to the sea, including horned shark tusks, barbed harpoons, and a pair of harpy wings. Stocky Sqinth Meradetu stands perfectly still behind a counter, a staff in both gnarled, brown hands, his blind eyes unfocused and staring. Occasionally he nods slowly in the direction of a clerk and client, seeming to approve some whispered conversation. You also see a white granite table with some stuff on it and a sturdy walnut shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the white granite table
Item Price Done
teak bolt box engraved with the image of a large galleon 975   !!
rowan short bow engraved with images of various woodland animals 8,687   
ivory-inlaid adderwood longbow with a leather-wrapped handle 11,562   !!!!
Dwarven iron arbalest emblazoned with the hammer-and-mountain symbol of the Gardul City State 12,312   
mediumweight crossbow crafted from bleached whalebone ?   No
archer's brace pad made of silvery sharkskin 1,250   
scrimshaw bolt box engraved with images of sailors defending their ship against a large sea serpent 1,225   !!
recurved haon short bow with a polished coral handle 11,187   
yew longbow lined with small water opals 11,250   !!!!
On the walnut shelf
Item Price Done
oval ironwood buckler carved to resemble a large sea turtle 12,650   !!
steel thorakes reinforced with bronze bands and engraved with images of a Dwarven hammer in a raised fist 150,000   
crimson target shield crafted from the carapace of a large crustacean 7,500   !!!!
elegant rapier set with a lustrous grey pearl 14,312   !!!!
barnacle-encrusted bronze kite shield 11,618   !!!!
tarnished target shield displaying a large tankard 1,250   !!
gold-plated tower shield emblazoned with a majestic lion 37,500   !!
damascened daggerette with a rose-patterned blade 6,250   
pearl-handled Dwarven kidney dagger 11,187   
brushed nickel Dwarven hunting garniture inlaid with mother-of-pearl 16,875   !!
blackened steel guardarme with a scrimshaw handle 4,812   !!!!