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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You see Aquolara of Ilithi, an Elven Empath. She has pointed ears and violet eyes. her deep blue-streaked white hair is very long and fine, and is worn tousled. She has translucent skin. She is young.

She is wearing a pearl dove earring, a silver dove earring, a pair of silver-mounted honey amber earrings, a slender necklace of tiny glass beads, a small crystal pendant encasing a dark blue interior, a nightsilk haversack decorated with a tower and lotus, an articulated scarlet tanager, a twilight-hued leather backpack artfully embroidered with a silver pond, an amber cat charm, a multicolored vest made of overlapping pieces of suede, a fringed doeskin jerkin, a polished sana'ati wood bracelet elegantly carved with leafy kokona reeds, a fine wooden ring engraved with a stylized House of the Floating Reed crest, a dark jade dancing skirt made of twisted chiffon over black satin, a deep blue thigh bag artfully embroidered with a leaping dolphin, a silver-white thigh bag embroidered with a myriad of colorful fish, a polished acanth anklet intricately carved with a small school of fish and some supple black slippers with thin leather straps.


Her mother is a Celestial Elf, who has lived in Leth Deriel and Ilithi as well as Throne city, she is daughter of a Moon Mage and a Trader. Her father was a River Elf, with some connections to piracy. Her father could not longer stand to be on land shortly after she was born, and returned to sailing the seas. Her mother remarried an Elothean from the Floating Reed House, who helped raise the Elven child. They spent time in Zoluren during the time of the Outcasts, and Throne City. After the war, they returned to Ilithi. Hearing tales of the suffering during the war from her parents, she felt drawn to the Empath guild. She follows Albreda, Tamsine, and Eluned.